Bloodstained Bloodbringer Sword | Where to find the Bloodbringer Sword in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained Bloodbringer Sword

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night hasn’t disappointed players with its many craftable items. From food to weapons, Bloodstained has an almost dizzying number of craftable items. It’s understandable that some confusion might arise in how to craft the vast array of items. For instance, how can players craft the Bloodstained Bloodbringer Sword?

Bloodstained Bloodbringer Sword | How to craft the Bloodbringer Sword

Bloodstained Bloodbringer Sword

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a relatively new release, with a relatively huge number of crafting items. The Bloodbringer Sword is one of several items that some players haven’t yet figured out how to craft. Through experience and research, here are some of the ways to obtain the Bloodbringer Sword. 

The Bloodbringer Sword is obtained through item drops from a certain kind of enemy, unsurprisingly known as a Bloodbringer. Specifically, players need to look out for specific item drops called the Sword Fragment and the Bloodbringer Familiar Shard.

The Bloodbringer enemy type can be found in multiple locations throughout the game, such as the entrance to Gebel’s Castle, a location that is visited rather early in the game. There will be a couple of other enemies there, but if you look around, you should find what you’re looking for.

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Later on, after an encounter with a boss-type enemy known as Zangetsu, players will find the Dian Cecht Cathedral. Bloodbringers can also be found there. Lastly, a little past the midpoint of the game, players will find Bloodbringers spawning in the Hall of Termination. 

It may take players a little while to find all the item drops needed for the Bloodstained Bloodbringer Sword. The drop rate for the Sword Fragment is a measly 5%. Players can expect 1 in 20 Bloodbringer kills to net a Sword Fragment drop. Additionally, there isn’t any data on the Bloodbringer Familiar Shard, but it’ll be found through slaying Bloodbringers. 

After getting the Bloodbringer Familiar Shard, players will have access to the Bloodbringer Sword. Both the sword and the shard cannot be equipped at the same time. The sword can be enhanced by crafting with Sword Fragments, resulting in stronger stats.