Call of Duty Candles? Smells Like Warzone, Apparently

There are many things that I associate with Call Of Duty, but a waxy scent filling up a room is not one of them. All the same, it seems that the artisans over at Wick & Skull have taken it upon themselves to create a line of Call Of Duty scented candles. Yes, you read that correctly. Their latest batch includes two all-new candles to collect. As strange as this might sound, this isn’t the first time Wick & Skull have taken inspiration from games. The company also offers candles related to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Dead By Daylight — you know, that game about trying to escape serial killers.

Make Your House Smell Like An FPS

I’m not a big Call Of Duty fan or even a casual player, but even I could tell you what each game is about. You play as a soldier, oftentimes American, sent to fight a conflict against a nation that the US used to have some big beef with, but is not currently waging war against. The gameplay consists of finding the biggest, most rad guns and explosives and firing them all at anyone who’s firing at you.

That’s the gist of it, anyway. Considering all the blood, destruction, violence, and loss of life inherent to the action, you wouldn’t really think of it as soothing experience. Likewise, if you’re trying to get into the headspace of a soldier going to war, lighting some candles is likely not at the top of your list.

Regardless, Wick & Skull seems to have discovered an untapped market of candle enthusiasts who also love Call Of Duty. Moreover, the company has tailored the scents toward that very specific demographic. As a result, there are now three new Call of Duty candles up for purchase, with each scent tailored to a different map.

The Soothing Scents of Warzone

First up is the comforting orange candle Nuketown, which claims to have the scent of smoke, citrus, and ginger. The smoke is perhaps meant to be reminiscent of a battlefield, but that kind of seems like an alarming smell to notice in your home. Anyway, then you’ve got citrus and ginger. Let me ask you this: In any story that takes place in a fallout-type world, how often do characters come across something citrus, let alone the uncommon ginger root? Apparently, this candle references a map from Black Ops and makes it sound like a fruity sweet barbecue.

Then there’s Pacific, which contains notes of coconut, sandalwood, and cedar. Okay, so this candle is trying to capture the scents one might find on a beach, on an island… in the Pacific. Although there’s a Call Of Duty map called Warzone: Pacific, why does it get the credit for having that combination smells? The Pacific ocean was here ages before that game, and will be here long after the series finally ends. Besides, there’s not much opportunity to crack open a coconut and enjoy the tropical flavor during a fight to the death.

Finally, you’ve got Second Chance, with its combination of dark musk, amber, and coriander smells. I honestly don’t know where to start since this candle is all over the place. There’s musk, which is already heady by itself, which is then mixed with a richly sweet amber. And then you’ve got coriander, which comes from cilantro and is known to have a — if you can believe it — citrus smell. The candles have come full circle, starting on a post-apocalyptic-sounding map and ending with a pleasant smell you’ll supposedly enjoy while bleeding out on the battlefield.

After Gaming Candles, What’s Next?

When something is popular, it can seep into anything. Even though Call Of Duty is all about warfare, it’s popular enough to pop up anywhere. Posters and framed pictures, that’s standard. Books and comics are not surprising. Mugs and coasters can fit anywhere. Even towels and bathing suits wouldn’t be much of a stretch. But, candles? I’m not exactly shocked, I’m just sad. Because with something this weird and unexpected, where’s left for Call Of Duty merch to go? To those who enjoy the candles, I’m happy for you. As for me, I’m gonna look up recipes for grilled citrus.