Call of Duty Next Event To Showcase Warzone Successor

Infinity Ward today confirmed a Call of Duty Next event set for next month. While details on the conference are slim, it’ll likely be our next look at the upcoming title Modern Warfare 2. Expectations within the fanbase are already running rampant. With the Modern Warfare sequel also expected alongside Warzone 2.0, it could be a huge event for the franchise. Here’s everything we know so far.

Call of Duty Next Taking Place on September 15

Call of Duty Next Taking Place on September 15

As confirmed on the official Call of Duty website today, the Next event takes place on September 15. Infinity Ward hasn’t confirmed the specific titles that will appear at the event, though the logo heavily suggests Modern Warfare 2 will headline. The upcoming sequel to the 2019 reboot is this year’s marquee CoD release, so it makes sense to show it off at this event.

Of course, there will be more than just Modern Warfare 2 at the event. Activision also confirms a look at the Warzone successor launching alongside the new title. That’s on top of a glimpse at the Warzone mobile spin-off. The publisher has been fairly tight-lipped about those games up until now, so it’s a good chance to see our first glimpse of the new battle royale successor.

The Call of Duty Next event kicks off on September 15, without a fixed time just yet. On top of those three titles, Activision promises plenty of surprises and information currently kept under wraps. Therefore, truly anything could show up to surprise fans. The chances are it’ll be live streamed on the Call of Duty YouTube channel, though it has not confirmed that yet.

Either way, it’s an exciting event to fill in CoD fans now that E3 and the summer season are behind us. Modern Warfare 2 is shaping out to be a massive game. This look at its multiplayer, as well as the revamped Warzone, will no doubt go down well. Despite being a long-running annual franchise, Call of Duty shows no signs of slowing.