Can Companions Die in The Outer Worlds?

With The Outer Worlds not offering any kind of multiplayer options, players are forced to play with companions. Through their journey, players can pick two of six companions to equip at all times. Each NPC offers different skills, and will also fight on your behalf. However, what happens if your companion gets shot and goes down? Can companions die in The Outer Worlds?

Can Companions Die in The Outer Worlds?

Can Companions Die in The Outer Worlds

Depending on your playthrough difficulty, yes, your companion can die in The Outer Worlds. However, if you’re playing on an easier difficulty, the NPCs won’t die, but instead, will just be downed. So, which difficulty will kill your companion?

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Your companion can only be killed in Supernova difficulty. If they are killed, they are dead for good. This means that you won’t be able to play through their questline, and will miss out on their stories. There is no way to revive a companion if you’re playing on Supernova difficulty. You’ll know if your companion has died because you will receive a notification saying that you have failed that character’s questline. So if you’ve chosen the Supernova difficulty, you better be careful.

As you might expect, keeping your companion alive in The Outer Worlds can be a bit difficult. Your best bet is to command your companion to stand a safe distance away from the fight. This way they will have ample cover, but can also get a few shots off to aid you in the fight. Some players have complained about the game being unbalanced as far as keeping companions alive goes, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to Revive a Companion in The Outer Worlds

However, as we mentioned above, if you’re playing on an easier difficulty, your companion will not die. Instead, they will just be knocked. You won’t have to do anything to revive them, as they will be healed after the battle is over. This means that you don’t need to keep your companion behind while engaging in a fight, because if they die, you’ll get them back.