Canceled Power Rangers Game Revealed by Former Saban Director

Sad news today for fans of the Power Rangers franchise, as former Saban worker Jason Bischoff released details on a canceled game in the superhero franchise. Codenamed Project Nomad, the game was set to be an open-world beat-em-up in the same vein as the Batman Arkham games. Sadly, the project was canceled during the design phase, and will never see the light of day.

Project Nomad was the only title the game ever went by, as it never reached technical development stages. A tweet from Bischoff’s Twitter account revealed the game was set to release in 2016. It would’ve been a triple-A title too, meaning it likely would’ve received a large development budget. He also shows some concept art drawn before the game’s cancellation. In it, the Rangers don uniforms reminiscent of the original series.

What was Power Rangers Project Nomad?

Power Rangers

The art certainly makes it seem like this would’ve been a much darker entry in the Power Rangers franchise. The comparison to Batman Arkham is significant, because those games are renowned for their brutal hand-to-hand violence. Therefore, Project Nomad could have taken the Power Rangers property into a more adult direction. This is emphasized by images of hulking Megazords, fiery backgrounds and an ominous villain.

Sadly, the game was canceled in the early phases, Bischoff says. This was due to “no bandwidth or budget” at the developers they pitched. Posting images of the concept art could reignite a fan interest in the game, however. Given that Hasbro recently bought the Power Rangers property, a revival of Project Nomad isn’t necessarily off the cards. There’s a darker reboot set to release in the coming years, so an equally dark game could complement that perfectly.

Nothing is confirmed of course, as it looks like this is the first and last we’ll see of this game. While we still have the fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, this concept art shows off a game with true promise. We’ll have to wait patiently, and hope that Project Nomad gets a full release one day.