Castlevania Advance Collection Physical Version | Does It Come On Disc?

Great news for Castlevania fans, as Konami is breathing life back into a set of classic series releases. The Castlevania Advance Collection bundles together three Game Boy Advance and one Super NES title, bringing them to current-gen consoles for the first time. It was surprise announced at last week’s September Nintendo Direct, and launched immediately afterward — but is it available in a physical version? Is it possible to buy Castlevania Advance Collection on a disc or cartridge?

Is There A Physical Version of Castlevania Advance Collection?

Is There A Physical Version of Castlevania Advance Collection?

The Castlevania Advance Collection doesn’t have a physical version. Konami hasn’t mentioned any plans for a disc or cartridge version, either. If you want to play these classic Castlevania games on modern platforms, you’ll have to buy the digital edition.

This bundle was only referred to as a digital release during its announcement; there was no mention of disc versions in the launch trailer. Equally, nothing from Konami suggests we should expect one in the future. The official Konami website lists the Castlevania Advance Collection as digital-only for all platforms.

This isn’t entirely unexpected. Fans may recall that the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, which compiled eight games from the franchise’s back catalogue, did not launch with a physical version. It released on all the usual digital storefronts and PC marketplaces, but never released on disc save for the Limited Run variants. Otherwise, it just wasn’t available at retail stores.

It’s a shame, because the Castlevania Advance Collection compiles some of the most beloved games in the series. It contains Circle of the MoonHarmony of DissonanceAria of Sorrow, and Dracula X. For the latter game, it’s the first time Western audiences have been able to play it. However, in an industry increasingly geared towards digital, that’s becoming par for the course. Many games are now digital-only, and sadly, Castlevania Advanced Collection seems to be the latest on this list.

Update September 28, 2021: A previous version of this guide incorrectly stated that Castlevania Anniversary Collection never made it to disc. We’d clearly forgotten about the Limited Run reprints. We apologize for the error.