Chained Echoes Arkant Archipelago Secret Place | Where to Find

It goes without saying that there are many secrets hiding within Valandis in Matthias Linda’s Chained Echoes. Among the three kingdoms of Taryn, Escanya, and Gravos lies a wide variety of hidden pathways and items that the heroes might initially ignore. Kylian, Sienna, Victor, and the rest of the group are already too occupied slaying monsters and saving Valandis from a destructive war. Which, evidently, leads to lost opportunities regarding any hidden areas. With this in mind, we’re going over the secret place in Arkant Archipelago that’s accessible later in Chained Echoes.

Where to Find the Secret Place in Arkant Archipelago in Chained Echoes

Where to Find the Secret Place in Arkant Archipelago in Chained Echoes

The secret place in Arkant Archipelago is located in the titular area, near the southwest section amid a whirlpool. However, the whirlpool needs to first be activated with a Diving Bell. This is only obtainable through an undisclosed merchant, though there is another way of going about the situation. Alternatively, you can head over to the southwest area of the southeast island from your map near the end of the game. It’s right after you exit Raminas Tower while reaching the northern parts of the Ograne Grottos.

Upon locating the secret place in question, you’ll quickly discover that access isn’t immediately given. The former route leads to a deactivated whirlpool; the latter brings you face-to-face with an authoritative villager denying any entry.

There are two ways to enter the secret place in Arkant Archipelago: obtaining the aforementioned Diving Bell via the hidden merchant or achieving your clan’s rank to 3. The first option is explorable much later in the game, before the confrontation with the final boss. The second option is through dedicated gameplay, where the heroes continuously evolve after their battles in Valandis.

For the Diving Bell, use it at the whirlpool. For the villager, simply approach the previously mentioned villager, and you’ll soon enter a Phioran village, the secret place for this guide. From there, you’re free to explore the aquatic place, also known to the locals as L’yehr. There are plenty of items to collect, so be sure to check every house and corner within L’yehr before heading back out into the war-ridden world.

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