Chained Echoes Da Capo | Where to Find

The heroes in Chained Echoes certainly have a lot on their plates as they journey through Valandis. After the cataclysmic event in Wyrnshire, there’s no shortage of what they’ll encounter in terms of enemies. Typical grunts can only earn themselves a slash and then dash, but some foes are far more powerful and sturdy than the last. Of course, we’re talking about the Unique Monsters in Chained Echoes, with today’s focus on Da Capo. Where is the creature in question, though? Let’s sharpen our blades and focus on our magic as we locate Da Capo.

Where to Find Da Capo in Chained Echoes

Where to Find Da Capo in Chained Echoes

Da Capo has a chance of appearing outside of the cave that leads into the Ograne Grottos. This is located in the southwest region of Perpetua, and you can access it by piloting your Sky Armor. Fly over to the area, then enter and exit the aforementioned cave. Da Capo should appear once you leave the cave, but this is only by chance. Therefore, go in and out of the cave until the Unique Monster shows up. We’ve marked the spot on the map above for you to refer to.

An adventurer of sorts actually hints at the location of this Unique Monster. He claims that you can find it within the southwest region of Perpetua, “in front of some cave”. What he doesn’t include in the information is the preferred method of transportation, which is ultimately the usage of the Sky Armors.

This Da Capo creature is relatively weaker than the other Unique Monsters. Defeating it with Sky Armor equipped results in just a one-shot delivery, ending with a Flesh Cap for your efforts. Its respective winnings in the Reward Board will provide you with 300a, 50 SP, and 5 Yak Grass Fiber. Not too bad for dealing with a grotesque fiend that has human features on its stem and crown.

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