Chained Echoes Ekskalibur | Where to Find

Valandis is a fantastical country in Chained Echoes which is jam-packed with remarkable creatures and tough enemies. Of course, some enemies are more vicious than the standard grunt you’ll run into while playing the game. These are Unique Monsters, rare beasts of Valandis that the player can magically stumble upon in their travels. Today we’re looking at the Ekskalibur monster, a special turtle that has a sword lodged into its bright blue shell. A crawling sword-in-the-stone reference perhaps? Regardless, if you’re having difficulty locating Ekskalibur in Chained Echoes, we know just where to go!

Where to Find Ekskalibur in Chained Echoes

Where to Find Ekskalibur in Chained Echoes

In the middle of the Fiorwoods area of Chained Echoes, circle around the center grove 2-3 times. We’ve marked the location on the map for reference, but this is the general area where Ekskalibur can be spotted. You’ll only need to circle the area a couple of times until Ekskalibur magically appears. Beware though, a Gazer is nearby. Get too close to it, and it’ll begin to chase after you. Luckily, the Ekskalibur is by itself, once you’re ready to start a fight.

Aside from the aforementioned Gazer enemy, you won’t run into much trouble. The only issue that pertains to locating Ekskalibur is actually circling around the correct section of the map. It’s basically set in the middle square of the Fiorwoods biome. There are other related areas within Fiorwoods that might confuse some players, but the Unique Monster in question is hiding within the above-mentioned area.

Upon encountering this rare turtle, you’ll find that it possesses a couple of peculiar qualities. The main one is its weakness: water. Even by naturalistic standards, it appears that this particular beast is heavily damaged by water-based attacks. Lenne comes to mind as a character to utilize in this fight since her water attacks can significantly hurt Ekskalibur. It cannot be Canned, so feel free to deal away any damage to the sea creature.

Once you defeat this Unique Monster, access your Reward Board for the Fiorwoods winnings. Your available rewards will be 200a, 500 SP, and 5x Long Feather. Good hunting, adventurer.

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