Chained Echoes Golden Voucher | How to Get

The war in Valandis is reaching an epic conclusion in Chained Echoes, with our heroes taking the fights to the next level with their Sky Armors. They come to be a part of the clan’s arsenal halfway through the game, but players will soon realize that these particular mechanical suits can receive a little touchup. Thanks to the potential trade of the Golden Voucher, our heroes can achieve such upgraded, state-of-the-art gear. It’ll come from the merchant who works over at the Hooge; evidently, we’ll need the item in question first.

How to Get the Golden Voucher in Chained Echoes

How to Get the Golden Voucher in Chained Echoes

Heroes of Chained Echoes can locate the merchant selling the Golden Voucher by accessing the northern section of the Ograne Grottos. This occurs much later in the game after progressing through the Academy of Nhysa. The trick here is to travel west once you exit the basement of the Raminas Tower. It’s where you use the Elevator Key to gain entry to the F1 level of the tower. The merchant you’re looking for is a furry critter within an ill-lit dungeon. He sells the voucher for 7,499 arc.

In addition to the Golden Voucher, this secret merchant can also offer you other vital items. Among his available inventory, he can sell your clan the following items (with the exception of the Golden Voucher):


  • Incocybin Berry – 75 arc


  • Rainbow Ore – 600 arc
  • Emperor’s Hide – 675 arc
  • Ancient Carcass – 675 arc
  • Divine Wool – 675 arc
  • Blood Stone – 675 arc


  • Diving Bell – 3,750 arc
  • Rusty Greatsword – 7,499 arc
  • Dayajir’s Soul – 7,499 arc

With your newly acquired Golden Voucher, head over to the Hooge and speak with their on-site merchant under the blue-and-white tent – two other merchants are set up beside him under different tents. By presenting him with the special item, he’ll open exclusive Sky Armors for you to check out, which will greatly help the clan in the battle against the Ultimate Boss, God King Gaemdriel. You’ll need the best gear that the game can provide, so you might want to consider paying the secret merchant in Ograne Grottos a visit.

Chances are, if you’re looking for the Golden Voucher, you’re most likely incredibly far into Chained Echoes. If you’re thinking of diving into a second playthrough, try taking a peek at our guides for locating the Rusty Katana and winning the Turtle Race from the festival with Ser Victor!

Chained Echoes is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PC, macOS, and Linux.