How to Get the Church Attic Key in Redfall

Redfall, just like any action RPG, runs into a problem. Eventually, you are going to have so many keys in your inventory that it looks like a janitor’s closet. Especially if you are going for 100% completion, you are going to get very used to picking up keys all across the countryside. However, they aren’t always easy to find, often requiring some puzzling for yourself! The Church Attic Key of Redfall is a frustrating one to locate in the best of times, and can sometimes be impossible to see. This guide will explain where it is and why you can’t find it, all so you can crack open that sweet loot!

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Redfall Church Attic Key Location

Before you can get Redfall’s Church Attic Key, you must begin the main story quest titled “What’s In The Attic?”. This is a main story objective that is part of the Burial Point arc of the campaign, where you’ll also encounter the Irving Mausoleum. Once you begin the quest, you’ll find the key at Pastor Powell’s House, which is right down the street of the Maritime Center. Head into the house and up the stairs to find the set of keys on a blue mattress.

You cannot find the Church Attic Key before the main story quest has begun. The key does not spawn until you reach “What’s In The Attic?,” so cracking open the upstairs of the Chickering Church is impossible beforehand.

Burial Point is one of the many options for midpoints of the campaign. You can head here fairly early and the game will scale accordingly. Because of this, you can get to this point in the main story fairly quickly. And we recommend that you do so! This game rewards a ton of EXP to help you reach max rank while completing story objectives.

Once you have the main quest, you’ll be able to just follow it! The Chickering Church’s attic is actually part of the Burial Point arc’s storyline. Sadly, this locked room isn’t anything extra. There are plenty of parts of Burial Point that you can go to instead if you’re looking for side content, like the Blackwood Home!

While you’re in the Pastor’s house, make sure you grab his Recording of Bloody Tom on the side table. That’s a free achievement!

Redfall Church Attic Key Location
Provided by Bethesda

What is the Church Attic Key for?

The Church Attic Key in Redfall is part of the story quest “What’s in the Attic?” Upon collecting the key, head to Chickering Church, which is located to the east of the Maritime Center. Go through the front door and head up the second staircase you see on the first floor. Open that locked door, head up the foreboding, bloody ladder, and you will be forced to fight a named vampire, Pastor Powell. Defeating him will let you collect the loot in the attic and move on.

This ends the “What’s in the Attic?” main mission, granting you a bunch of experience and some rare loot from the vampire’s corpse. The Pastor is not an exceptional vampire by any stretch, so you’ll be able to bring him down without breaking a psychic sweat.

From there, you can move onto the next main story quest. Alternatively, you can start hunting Bloody Tom, who we have been introduced to – thanks, Pastor Powell. This guy is a boss vampire, requiring three Underboss Skulls from Underboss vampires. You will head to the Kildere House in the southwest corner of Burial Point if you want to clear out the vampire. However, he’s far from a pushover! Make sure you are well-equipped for this truly evil creature with high-rarity gear and friends you can trust.

Where are the Missing Dolls in Redfall?

The Missing Dolls are located within the Mansion of the Redfall Commons region. There are ones in Amelia’s Room, the Kitchen, and the Greenhouse.

How do you Get Rid of Red Mist in Redfall?

If you need to clear out Red Mist in Redfall, you are going to need a UV gun. These are a generic weapon type that you can collect, such as the UV-102B “Medusa” Portable Beam Rifle.

Does Redfall have Crossplay?

Redfall does have full crossplay between PC and Xbox. There has been no such support between Microsoft consoles and PS5.

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