Clash of Clans Christmas Trees | How to Get

Clash of Clans is a game that constantly keeps up with current events, hence why it has remained popular for so long. Throughout the year there are special promotions to cater to the season. However, few are as substantial as the annual Christmas makeover. One of the key arrivals are the Clash of Clans Christmas trees, which we’ll explore in this guide. Read up on exactly how to get them!

How to Get Christmas Trees in Clash of Clans

How To Get Christmas Trees in Clash of Clans

Christmas trees in Clash of Clans only appear during winter, when Supercell revamps the game to celebrate the holiday season. You won’t be able to find them year-round, as they are seasonal additions.

During the winter in Clash of Clans, Christmas trees appear as obstacles in newly explored regions rather than regular trees. As with any other obstacles in the game, you need to devote troops to clear each obstacle so you can start placing buildings. Each obstacle gives a boost of rewards once cleared, and these festive firs are no different. The quantity of each reward varies from year to year, but expect to get either Gold or Elixir when clearing a Christmas tree.

Rather surprisingly, you can’t actually purchase Christmas trees to decorate your town during the Christmas event. Instead, they’re only available as obstacles, and aren’t accessible in the shop to add as a cosmetic item. Therefore, your best option if you want a festive design in your town is to keep a few Christmas trees lingering after you’ve unlocked a new region. As long as they don’t stand in the way of any buildings you want to put down, it should be possible.

Nonetheless, it’ll still be a good while until Clash of Clans players can get Christmas trees once again. The festive promotion occurs each year, but doesn’t last for long. Therefore, these festive trees are rather fleeting.