Conan Exiles Cold Weather Armor | How to Get

The armor sets in Conan Exiles can come in many different variations. Obviously, the player dons armor to protect themselves against living threats. But as they continue to travel, they must adapt, especially when it comes to situations with harsh weather conditions. At some point, you’ll need to travel to the north, so weather-resistant armor becomes imperative to your survival. Continue on reading this guide to find out which set is best to beat the snow with cold weather armor.

How to Get Cold Weather Armor in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles cold weather armor set in action

There are several armor sets that will come equipped with weather-resistant qualities. They come in different weighing aspects that basically categorizes them from light to medium and eventually heavy. We’ll focus on light for this guide; the fewer resources needed, the better. One of the very basic sets you can get is the Vanir Settler, which only requires a handful of ingredients.

To begin, you’ll need to be at least at level 40 to unlock the Nordheimer Armors Feat. This will teach your character all three levels of the Vanir Settler, starting with the light one. The medium and heavy levels will require more effort from you due to their insane qualities with steel and heavy padding. With the light level, you’ll just need fur and light padding materials.

The Essentials

Fur is easily obtained by skinning savage beasts like wolves, elks, lions, boars, and Yetis. Light padding is crafted by combining twine with collected hides, for those who haven’t experimented yet. Once you have both ingredients, you can start making your first cold weather armor set. With fur you can make the Vanir Settler Vest, Gloves, Breechclout, Boots, and Jewelry. This cold weather armor will provide 5 cold resistance for when you travel to the frozen lands. In addition to the cold points, you’ll also get 10 heat resistance for when the sun is too much, and +5 Grit to help boost your stamina.

The Vanir Settler set is just one of the many armors that provide both cold and heat points. This one is easy to make, meaning that there are other cold weather armor sets with more points. For example, the Black Corsair set provides 15 cold resistance points, but that kind of luxury lies only in the individuals of the Black Hand. And the Zingaran Freebooter set needs layered silk, feline pelts, and perfected light padding. So if you need to start with something small and simple to make, stick with the Vanir Settler set. It’s always good to have a cold weather armor set at bay for when the temperature drops.

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