Conan Exiles Dry Wood | How to Get

You’ve got to gather wood if you want to survive the harsh times in Conan Exiles. Weather conditions can be rough, so utilizing wood in its many fashions can be helpful for new players. But there comes a time when the cold winds will be too severe for regular woodwork. Thankfully, players can easily craft together pieces of dry wood to get them warm, even in the middle of the harshest frost.

How to Get Dry Wood in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles How to Get Dry Wood

To get dry wood, you must place regular wood onto a Dryer with some bark attached for fuel. You can then start the crafting process to generate dry wood. Additionally, you can use branches to create dry wood, but you won’t assemble as much material out of it.

To create a little ecosystem for yourself if you’re looking to stock up on dry wood, work with a couple of tools while you’re chopping down trees. Of course, a hatchet can give you wood and branches. But if you use a pickaxe, you’ll start to receive bark for your Dryer’s fuel. Usually, a few swings at a tree will be sufficient for a tumble, so be sure you’re aiming for several trees. It’s also important to keep in mind that bark can run out quickly when working with the Dryer. So, be sure to muster up as much as you can while you’re out in the woods.

Once you have enough dry wood in your inventory, you might have noticed that resin has popped up in the Dryer’s crafting inventory. Resin is a byproduct of the drying of wood, and you can actually combine the two to create insulated wood. This new crafting goodie is a blessing for the cold times in the Exiled Lands. It can keep you comfortably warm, and its material’s strength far surpasses the basic wood structures. In order to craft insulated wood, use a Carpenter’s Bench to quickly get a head-start on your new project.

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