Conan Exiles Feathers | How to Get

Because Conan Exiles is a survival game, gathering resources is an everyday task. However, due to the fact that the game leans on the hardcore side of survival, obtaining resources often requires you to do it the hard and old-fashioned way. So, if you’re wondering how to get feathers in Conan Exiles, the answer isn’t all that difficult. However, you will need to go to some pretty extreme lengths to get them. Nonetheless, in this guide, we’ll show you how to get feathers, so keep reading to find out.

How to Get Feathers in Conan Exiles

How to Get Feathers in Conan Exiles

You get Feathers in Conan Exiles by killing vultures or ostriches. Vultures can be found nesting all over the beginning desert region, specifically at the peaks of the tallest cliffs. However, getting to them will be a difficult task, because you will have to scale these rocks to come face-to-face with them. Beware, if you get too close, you’ll scare the vultures and they’ll fly away. That is why we recommend sneaking up behind them and shooting them down with a bow. If you end up scaring them away, you can still find feathers left around in the vulture’s nests.

If killing vultures is too time-consuming, you can also kill ostriches to get feathers. Ostriches spawn anywhere in the starting desert region, and thankfully, they can’t fly away. This makes killing them much easier; the hardest part will be locating a group of them. Sooner or later you’ll come across some ostriches and they can be killed with about four hits from your spear. Killing vultures and ostriches will yield approximately 8 feathers per. Whereas you can get about 4-6 feathers from vulture nests.

As we said, getting feathers in Conan Exiles is rather simple. However, due to the hardcore survival nature of the game, getting them is a bit of a tedious task. Nonetheless, once you’ve got your hands on feathers, you can use them to craft arrows for your bow, or as cushioning for furniture in your home.

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