Conan Exiles Godbreaker Armor | How to Get

Conan Exiles is such a unique game. There are loads of progression elements for players to take on, from dungeons to epic quests to player-versus-player combat. So, if an exile wants to get to the top of the food chain, they’re going to need some steel on their skin. Enter the Godbreaker Armor, one of the best armor sets in Conan Exiles. This is a rare set of gear, but when it’s on, you’re going to feel like you can take on any deity. So, where can you find this mythical set of armor?

How to Get Godbreaker Armor in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Godbreaker Armor

In order to access the Godbreaker Armor, you must first take on the Warmaker’s Sanctuary Dungeon. Go through it, preferably with some fairly high-power gear, and clear out the Champion of the Warmaker. You can interact with one of the Steles at the end of the chamber to get the recipe for the Godbreaker Armor.

This armor is an endgame feat, and thus requires you to be level 60 in order to access it. The feat teaches you three total sets of armor, all crafted at the Improved Armorer’s Bench.

The Rusted Armor is the baseline armor set, and upgrades into the other two options. To craft the Rusted set, you’ll need one Perfected Heavy Padding, 18-35 Star Metal, 20 Armor Scraps, and eight Alchemical Base per piece. To upgrade a piece of the Rusted set, you simply need to combine it with two Dragonpowder, eight Alchemical Base, and eight Armor Scraps.

You may upgrade the Rusted Armor into the Normal or Chilled Godbreaker Armor. Each armor set has similar statistics; extremely high armor, with the Chestpieces having 350 base armor. They also grant +1 to Agility (Leggings), Grit (Helmet), Strength (Gauntlets), and Encumbrance (Boots) at full armor bonus. The Boots of each set automatically repair your equipped weapon for a small amount.

Differences between Normal and Chilled Godbreaker Armor

The main difference between the two sets are Heat and Cold insulation. The Chilled Godbreaker Armor is good against the Heat, and the normal Godbreaker Armor is good against the cold. Interestingly, the Rusted Armor actually gives a surprising amount of durability and higher average Heat and Cold resistances. So, the Rusted Armor is a fairly good armor set until you can afford the slightly improved Godbreaker sets.

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