Conan Exiles Gruel | How to Make

Conan Exiles seems to be the game that keeps on giving. With numerous updates and expansions being added, there’s always something to embark on throughout the Exiled Lands. At one point, we can even have NPCs (or thralls) work for us while we continue to go on brutal adventures. But they’ll need some gruel to keep them in place. That’s why we invite you to peruse our notes on how to exactly make gruel in Conan Exiles.

How to Make Gruel in Conan Exiles

How to Make Gruel in Conan Exiles

Gruel is made by mixing five Plant Fibers and one Seeds into either a campfire or a bonfire. It has a very short crafting period that only lasts for five seconds. Once the cooking is done, you’ll receive 10 Gruel, as well as some experience points for your efforts. You can then present your servings of gruel to the workers over at your Wheel of Pain to keep them afloat. Its low health regenerative properties are too low for your stomach, so they’ll definitely get more use out of it.

If you can recall, plant fibers and seeds can be obtained by picking through bushes in the game. Even though you can harvest them with just your bare hands, it’s best to swing away with your sickle. That way you can muster up plenty of ingredients to create more of the food.

However, as for your animals, you have a couple of different recipes that you can put together with gruel. The Tainted Fodder meal is assembled with one Gruel, one Yellow Lotus Blossom, and two Aloe Leaves onto any Alchemist’s Bench. You can feed this to your horses. The other recipe is the Totemic Fodder which can be given to tamed bears, panthers, shalebacks, shoebills, and wolves. For this one, you’ll need one Gruel, one Blood, and two Bone in order to make some.

Enhanced and Flavored Gruel

Whenever you’re ready to upgrade your intake of gruel, it’ll be time to move on to the stoves. It comes in the form of two different, advanced servings: Enhanced and Flavored. And you might already have the necessary ingredients to make them. Of course, ensure that you’ve placed your stove nearby for an easy transition.

For Enhanced, cook together one Gruel, one Egg, and one Spice. Flavored will need 1 Gruel, 1 Dried Berries, and 2 Spice. Both will grant you double the experience points compared to the basic food. They also only take five seconds to craft, though you’ll merely receive one stack of each per crafting period.

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