Conan Exiles Insulated Wood | How to Get

Wood is just about the easiest resource to obtain in Conan Exiles. Trees can grow in abundance throughout the world, so it’s nearly impossible to run dry of wood. It’s used for various crafting recipes, but it can also evolve into insulated wood for your character. If you need a hand in constructing this treated wood, keep on reading for some tips.

How to Get Insulated Wood in Conan Exiles

Resin and Dry Wood Combination

As aforementioned, wood is effortless to acquire. For almost every beginning character, chopping down trees is pretty commonplace to get the game started. You use it to build structures, utilize fuel, and provide light through igniting it. In order to make insulated wood, you’ll need some resin and dry wood.

There are a couple of ways to get some resin for your inventory. One quick way is to ax down a tree to obtain wood and bark. If you have assembled a dryer in your home, you can place the wood and bark stacks to sit there for a while. Once the timer on the dryer has concluded, you’ll find resin and dry wood readily available for crafting.

The other way is to head north on the map, but that obviously requires more travel. It might be convenient if you find your way up there through your continuous journey with the game, so it might be best to keep at least one pick with you in case you find our way up north. Once you’ve collected enough resin and dry wood, you can head back home.

How to Craft

With all the materials needed for insulated wood, go to your Feats and select the Journeyman Mason. Scroll down the teach list until you find insulated wood and all of the crafting options you can engage with for your new and improved structures. From there, use your Carpenter’s Bench to begin your next project. Additionally, you can replace your currently established wooden home, which is highly recommended for those who keep a sharp eye on their temperature levels. Of course, that is what insulation is used for, but the handled insulated wood is stronger than the average lumber.

Having all the timber just lying around isn’t exactly an aspect of cleanliness. Luckily, the game provides more crafting options to explore if one simply has too much wood. That being said, remember to double-check your resources for other building possibilities. You never know what you already have until it’s gone, like wood.

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