Conan Exiles Religion Benefits | What is the Best Religion?

As you cross the damnable world of Conan Exiles, you may run into something both familiar and strange. The religions of Conan are all extremely deep, with a ton of lore to back up the pantheon’s dedicated following. Each religion has a significant hold over the world of the Exiled Land, and each one vies for the attention and sacrifices of the primitive people. But, what do religions do for you? What are the religion benefits of Conan Exiles? And what is the best religion?

What are the Religion Benefits in Conan Exiles?

Conan Religion Benefits

In Conan Exiles, Religion Benefits come to the player in terms of learned crafting recipes. As you dedicate yourself more to a specific god (or goddess), they teach you more recipes in their tree. Almost all Gods have a unique set of armor that you can wear, and they also come with additional minor benefits and unique items. Some even have different ways to construct items that may or may not be easier than just making them normally.

The following list does not include specific Armor and Weapons. Each armor and weapon that are offered by the Gods are unique and really cool in their own right. However, the armor is all essentially cosmetic. This also doesn’t include the Avatar of the god, since each of the worshiped gods can be summoned into combat, and react mostly the same.

You can also learn about all of the religions, and set up altars to all of them – though none of the altars can be close to each other. This list assumes that you are only selecting one religious option, or are trying to choose your first religion.

List of All Religions and Religion Benefits

  • Crom, God of Combat
    • He has no religious benefit, and cannot be worshiped. He is here if you do not want to engage with religion.
  • Derketo, Goddess of Lust
    • Derketo offers you an armor set and some random utility, such as the Elixir of Freedom and ways to make Honey and Bread. She gets you a bunch of ingredients for food and potions, which isn’t that special, but can be handy.
  • Jhebbal Sag, God of the Beasts
    • Jhebbal offers some useful utility potions once you reach Alter Level 3. Specifically, he offers the Hunter’s Potion and Night Eye Potion, each of which are useful for finding prey and staying safe at night.
  • Mitra, God of Justince
    • Mitra offers strong early-game fountains and healing potions. His sacred weapons are also fairly potent, but the early game is definitely where the God of Justice shines.
  • Set, God of Serpents
    • Set offers the player poisonous arrows, which deal great damage without needing to offer that much to Set. This allows for easy boss cheesing at relatively little cost. He also teaches his followers how to craft anti-toxins and poison resistant masks and armor.
  • Ymir, God of Snow and War
    • Ymir is primarily about battle. He gives you relatively strong armor and weapons, as well as access to Ice. The problem is, his only utility is the Berserker Potion, which just gives better fighting stats. He has no utility! Just weapons.
  • Yog, God of Cannibals
    • Yog gives his followers decent armor, but the real highlight of his tool kit is the Purified Flesh. This is a pretty powerful food item, but only if you can consistently get Unblemished Human Meat.
  • Zath, God of Cleansing
    • Zath’s unique building gives his followers the Globe of Yezud, which is a decently strong Orb weapon. He also eventually grants access to a great way to farm Silk, though that’s in the late game and crafting Silk by itself is not unique to Zath.

What is the Best Religion in Conan Exiles?

Conan Religion Benefits

The best Religion right now is Set, who offers a lot of damage and poison negation. He is by far the best god for soloing content, like bosses, since his poison can be safe and effective.

If you don’t care about arrows, or don’t want to cheese, then Mitra and Yog are both really great, since their unique abilities offer pretty substantial healing and survivability.

Jhebbal Sag is very close behind, with his awesome potions and monster lures. Zath’s orb weapon is fun, but nothing special… though the ability to craft 50 Silk at a time is nice.

Finally, Derketo and Ymir don’t offer much more than cosmetic armor and one interesting potion. These two are probably the least powerful gods.

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