Conan Exiles Shadebloom | How to Get

Many dark forces lie within the dungeons of Conan Exiles. Savage beasts of great power may guard treasures, but their ruthless capabilities can leave one frustrated. That’s why it feels great to finally slay the enemy and skin their bodies for some special ingredients. One such unique item is the Shadebloom Flower, which only exists in a mysterious dungeon. Gather your gear and crew, because harvesting this hard to fine flower is more tedious than initially imagined.

How to Get Shadebloom in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Shadebloom location

If you’re looking into some new recipes, you’re probably wondering where you could get some Shadebloom. The rare flower grows late at night among the groves in Jhebbal Sag, the Lord of the Beasts. To gain entrance to this plane of existence, you’ll need to head to The Den and speak with a werehyena who goes by Child of Jhebbal Sag. He has been exiled from this realm, so he tasks you with getting rid of the darkness that invests his plane. He’ll supply the dungeon’s entryway with a Potion of Midnight, which can be either bought with five Feral Flesh or learned through the NPC with the Midnight Alchemist feat. Once the potion is in your possession, drink up and you’ll be transported to the Midnight Grove.

This strange dungeon is filled with wild beasts, roaming the area until you reach your first boss. Keep in mind, there are four main bosses to confront, so it’s best to come extra prepared. You will have to battle these empowered foes: a Brother of the Night, a Greater Panther, Brother of the Moon, the Brother of the Mists, and the Brother of the Blood.

If you are victorious in these boss fights, select your cleaver and get to work. Skinning these beasts will reward you with the expected loot you would get from these individual enemies. Wolves drop feline pelts and claws, Bulls drop thick hides and exotic flesh, but they’ll all give you a bit of Shadebloom for your troubles. Once you have your Shadebloom Flowers, consume the Werewolf’s Flesh of Remembrance with the Lord of the Beasts towering over you. In front of him will be the dungeon’s exit, and you will return to the Exiled Lands – or more specifically the district of Waterside.

How to Cook with Shadebloom

Now, you have Shadebloom. When you head back home, you’ll want to be positioned at your stove. Get whatever meats, fish, and exotic materials you have in your inventory and chests because it’s officially cooking time. As you mix 25 desert berries with one Shadebloom, you’ll have cooked Shadespiced Desert Berries. Another example is 15 raw pork with one Shadebloom to create Shadespiced Fatty Meat.

Feed these to your furry or frightening companions, and it will increase their chances of growing bigger and stronger. Be sure to harvest as much Shadebloom as possible when you venture into the Midnight Grove.

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