Conan Exiles Shaped Wood | How to Make

Chopping down and burning away Wood for the sake of your survival is vital in Conan Exiles. There’s a great chance you’re always going to have some on you, but what if you can upgrade some of it? Or what if your tools and weapons aren’t efficient enough for the wild? Upgrading your wood into a more proper yet stronger material will unlock many more crafting possibilities for your character. Keep reading onward to see how you can assemble some Shaped Wood.

How to Make Shaped Wood in Conan Exiles

How to Make Shaped Wood in Conan Exiles

Crafting Shaped Wood in Conan Exiles is pretty simple. All you need is a Hatchet and a Carpenter’s Bench. Chop down as many trees as you please with your Hatchet to collect Wood. With your Carpenter’s Bench, transfer ten Wood into the station, prompting the Shaped Wood recipe. Depending on how many pieces you would like, be sure you have enough basic Wood to spare. Once the crafting times are complete, you’ll have enough Shaped Wood to craft many essential materials that will aid you on your quests.

Shaped Wood can be used in many ways. You can use it to hang up Trophies, craft special buildings, Elevators, Hardened Weapons, and Altars. There’s even a Wooden Sign option where you’re able to express yourself (like the picture you see above).

Keep in mind, the only way to make Shaped Wood is through the Carpenter’s Bench. To craft one, you’ll need to gather 250 Wood and 100 Stone to bring back home. Find a good place to set it since you’ll probably have your other crafting stations close by. For example, you’ll need the Blacksmith’s Bench for tools and weapons that will require the Fixed Wood. There’s also the Artisan Tables that’ll introduce more exotic choices for your home.

There’s no limit to how many pieces of Shaped Wood you can craft and utilize. It really falls down to how much you want to craft, put together, and decorate, but it’s also vital in making some strong tools of destruction. In truth, it’s up to you, but we hope this guide aids you in the process.

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