Conan Exiles Silver Mine Location | Where to Find

Amid the City of the Relic Hunters in Conan Exiles, the player can find themselves surrounded by opportunity, including the City houses merchants, neutral NPCs, and even the titular barbarian himself. But to the outskirts lie various pathways for the character to embark on, including vicious beasts and hazardous dungeons. One just so happens to be the silver mine location, which might be greatly advantageous for the hungry players who are looking to mine and expand.

Where to Find the Silver Mine in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Queen Scorpion Boss in Silver Mine Location

When it comes to combative spelunking in Conan Exiles, you don’t really know what you’re going to run into. For the silver mine location, you can expect to clash with scorpions both big and small in structure and in might. You won’t have to deal with any other aggressive foes on several legs for this mine/dungeon. The silver mine location can be discovered just southeast of the City of the Relic Hunters, but there are a few vital landmarks to keep in mind as you search for the dungeon spot.

One of the most notable areas on the game’s map is the rusty-looking vicinity of The Unnamed City. The place is littered with mystical foes, incredible rewards, and dark secrets. But the focus here is on the Spawning Pools location, which is more west of the Unnamed City. Make your way west to the desert lands, which is en route to the more relaxing aforesaid City of the Relic Hunters. In-between these two spots will be the silver mine location, also known as the Sepermeru Silver Mine.

To be more specific, it’s in the middle of two other areas that are smaller in size. To the left is Rhinohorn Ridge, home of the King Rhino. And to the right is the abandoned mine of The Jawbone. From that spot, you can find some Silverstone to collect, but you’ll have a lot to look forward to from within the silver mine location.

Warrior Beware

Not only is Sepermeru filled with loads of Silvermine, but you can also find Ironstone and Coal in abundance. If you’re a brave soul and choose to continue your journey into the silver mine, be ready to face some scorpions. In addition to all of the little guys, the Ancient Scorpion Queen should prove to be a worthy fight. And if you manage to make it out, consider yourself rich in silver and iron.

The silver mine location is just one of the many spots to withhold a copious amount of resources. But with each newly discovered area comes new challenges, so keep that shield at the ready if you wish to live in Conan Exiles. It would hurt to die and respawn back at home, with all of the Silverstone left at the feet of the scorpions, just to start over again.

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