Conan Exiles Spice | How to Get

There’s so much stuff you can cook within Conan Exiles that the game almost makes you feel like a virtual chef. From feasting together on a tasty meal to unwillingly cooking human flesh, there’s no limit to what you can consume. Picking up insects and drinking lake water can only get you so far, but with special recipes and spices, you can mentally add Culinary Expertise to your feats. Of course, space in Conan Exiles becomes vital with more eatery discoveries you make along the way. If you need a quick tip to get some spice, keep reading on for our guide.

How to Get Spice in Conan Exiles

How to get spice in Conan Exiles

Spice is absolutely what you think it is. It adds some flavor to your meal while keeping your body warm for the time being. It’s definitely not a cooldown ingredient, if you haven’t figured that out yet. When you’re working, mining, killing in the Exiled Lands, you need to eat. Naturally, utilizing your herbs and spices is important to maintain consistent inventory spaces, but how do you get spice? Well, with a Grinder and some seeds… and that’s pretty much all you’ll need, really.

As complex and extensive as Conan Exiles can be, spice is easily obtainable. As you traverse your way through the hostile world, picking out plant fibers goes a long way. Out of those materials, you can craft rough wraps for wounds and twine for essential builds. But every now and then, you’ll scrape up some seeds that’ll just sit in your inventory. One way to use them is to place them into a Planter to create various types of crops. The other main way is to place them into a Grinder, and it’ll automatically fix the seeds into pieces of spice. More specifically, 10 seeds into the grinder will produce 1 spice.

Time to Cook

Now, with your collected spices, head to your Stove, and let the cooking freedom fire away. For a few examples, you can mix one exotic flesh with two spices to create some spiced haunch; combine harvested slices of savory flesh with some spice to get spiced steak; cups of herbal tea and spice will give you spiced tea, all of which are useful on those bitter and freezing nights.

Remember to use those seeds for good use instead of letting them sit inside a wooden box. They can always be planted or cooked, and there’s always something that needs crafting. Having the extra experience points never hurt anyone.

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