Conan Exiles Trebuchet | How to Build and Use

If you’re getting started in the survival game Conan Exiles, chances are you’ll want to get a hold of a trebuchet. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and will help you stave off attacking foes. Equally, it’s a very useful tool if you’re invading other players, as you can bombard them with powerful projectiles. If you want some tips on how to use the trebuchet, then fear not – our handy guide is here to help.

How to Build a Trebuchet in Conan Exiles

How to build a trebuchet in Conan Exiles

As it’s a pretty powerful weapon, building a trebuchet in Conan Exiles is a not simple process. It takes several steps to build the components, which we’ve got detailed below.

First, you need a few key skills before you can build it. You have to have the Carpenter’s Bench and Engineer before you can build a trebuchet – which you’ll unlock at Level 15. Next, you have to build the Foundation. This takes 25 Stone and 30 Wood. After that, you’ll need the base, which needs 200 Wood and 13 Iron.

Next, you have to head to the battlefield before you can build the rest. To build the Frame, you need 200 Wood and 13 Iron once more. The last step is to build the arm, which needs 200 Wood, 13 iron, and 25 twine.

Now you have all the components you need, and can put them all together in battle. The latest element is the ammo, which you craft with 25 stone and 10 rope.

How to Use the Trebuchet

With your trebuchet built and ammo ready, it’s time to fire. You manually load it by placing the ammo on the trebuchet in the inventory menu, then place rocks in the counterweight section to determine how far the projectile will fly. Next, grab the handles and pivot to the angle you want it to fire at, then press the lever to release the brutal weapon.

With that, your trebuchet will fire – and you’ll dominate the battlefield in Conan Exiles.