How to Get NPCs to Move Into Base in Core Keeper

Most survival-crafting games on the market ask players to engage in some level of city building, and Core Keeper is no different. In its early access, you are still expected to get NPCs to move into your base. Right now, this is critical for you to get important resources, impressive artifacts, and the ability to sell your garbage. But, how do you get these fellas to join your ranks? And is there a way to guarantee them to be where you want them? This guide will explain everything you need to know, so keep reading to learn more.

How to Get NPCs to Move Into Base in Core Keeper
Building a cohesive base is very important for your upcoming guests.

In order to get NPCs to move into your base in Core Keeper, you need to make habitable rooms for them. Habitable rooms need to be no bigger than an 8×8 grid, with at least one square of open space for NPCs to walk around in. The room must contain one bed (which you can both share), a door, and they must not already have a room somewhere on the map. Once these conditions are met, you can use their specific Spawn Item to place them in a valid room.

Building the room is the first step of the process. Because you need a bed and a door that can open inwards, your merchants will at least need a 2×2 place to stay. And, you can’t build the room too big for them! You might as well give them some space to move around in, but don’t go crazy. They each need to be sectioned off from one another.

Then, you will need each of the merchant’s spawning items. Most merchants will spawn out of items from defeating bosses. However, the newest NPC instead is spawned through a craftable item.

  • Bearded Merchant: Spawns from the Slime Oil, obtained by killing Glurch the Abominous Mass.
  • Caveling Merchant: Spawns from the Mysterious Idol, obtained by killing Ghorm the Devourer.
  • Fishing Merchant: Spawns from the Bucket of Chum, obtained by killing either Awakened Azeos or Azeos the Sky Titan.
  • Seasonal Merchant: Spawns from the Seasonal Crafter, obtained by using 5 Wood and 8 Fiber at a Carpenter’s Table. Carpenter’s Tables need 8 Wood and 8 Copper Bars at a Copper Workbench.
Steps to Take to Get NPCs to Move Into Your Base in Core Keeper
Make sure the merchant’s rooms are big enough to hold a bed, with space to spare.

All Important NPCs in Core Keeper

As mentioned earlier, there are four habitable NPCs currently available as of the Paws and Claws patch of Core Keeper. All of them are merchants, selling various items for you and your friends.

  • Bearded Merchant: Sells basic items, such as low level ores and Larva Meat. Also sells the Curious Egg, one of the eggs which you can use to get a pet.
  • Caveling Merchant: Sells various boss summoning items, a firearm, and endgame items, including Rune Parchment and Ancient Gemstones.
  • Fishing Merchant: Sells bait, fish, and magical accessories to aid in fishing. Useful if you want to get the most out of the Fishing activity.
  • Seasonal Merchant: Sells cosmetic items that are based on holidays, such as Easter and Valentine’s day. Unlike the other merchants, this one primarily trades materials for the seasonal goodies.

For the Bearded, Caveling, and Fishing merchants, if you want to purchase items from their inventory, you will need Ancient Coins. You’ll primarily get Ancient Coins by selling items, such as Ore, to the merchants. However, you can also get Ancient Coins as a reward in chests via exploring different areas of the map. The Ancient Chests of the Ancient Monument are extremely profitable, offering guaranteed drops of a handful of coins per chest. But, they are somewhat limited. Get used to selling unneeded gear to these merchants, as well as random foodstuffs that you can make easily.

Can You Find NPCs in the World in Core Keeper?

As of the Paws and Claws patch, the only useful NPCs in Core Keeper are summoned with various items. As the game is in early access, this is likely to change.

When do NPCs restock in Core Keeper?

If an NPC runs out of inventory, they will restock in 30-60 minutes.

Can you Kill NPCs in Core Keeper?

Yes, NPCs have a health bar. It is very high, at 100,000 HP. Their drops are really not worth the time it takes to slowly beat them to death, but you can respawn a new one in the same room.