Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | How to Moan

Have you ever wanted to moan in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? If so, you’re not alone. By using specific console commands, it’s possible to create a custom bind complete with audio clip and text. Naturally, players quickly found a way to turn things up to 11 and show others just how excited they are to be playing the game. Ready to start making some noise? Here’s how to create your own custom binds and set up a hotkey to moan in CS:GO.

How to Moan in CS:GO

How to moan in CSGO

In order to set a moan hotkey in CS:GO, first open the console, then type in the following text to create a new bind:

  • bind p “playerradio DeathCry *moans*”

This line of text creates what’s called a bind, or a custom command. In this case, the command binds the letter P to the action “playerradio”, which will then play the DeathCry sound file and display the phrase “*moans*” in the text chat.

Each part of this command can be customized. For instance, you can easily swap P for any key on your keyboard. Some players prefer using Q since it’s easy to reach, while others prefer to map binds to more distant keys. DeathCry can also be substituted for other audio cues, though not all soundbites work with the playerradio command. Finally, the text phrase can be anything you like, so long as it’s only one word. “Moans” is the common choice, used for comedic purposes obviously, but you can use whatever phrase you like.

Using this method to create binds, you can do a lot more than moan in CS:GO. For example, you can use the playerradio command with several audio clips: FriendlyFire, LastManStanding, KilledMyEnemy, KilledFriend, Help, WonRoundQuickly, ScaredEmote, and so on. Here’s an example of a slightly more family-friendly bind:

  • bind n “playerradio LastManStanding Victory!”

After entering this command, pressing the N key will cause your character to use a heroic-sounding voice line while displaying “Victory!” in the chat log.

You should bear in mind that not all players will want to hear people moan in CS:GO. Custom binds are common and typically harmless, but ones that make noise tend to rub players the wrong way. And, as you’re surely already aware, spamming the in-game chat can get you reported for communication abuse. As always, discretion is advised.

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