Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | What is ADR?

Climbing the ranks of CS:GO is a long and occasionally painful feat. The best way to keep focused on your progress is to pay attention to your performance in a given match. Other than your kill-to-death ratio, one of the most important statistics is your ADR. However, that acronym isn’t as descriptive as most of the other options on your scoreboard, so it might need a bit of an explanation. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand how this statistic works.

What is ADR in CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ADR

ADR, which can be found on your statistics screen during or after a match, is your Average Damage per Round. This number is a calculation of your total damage across the entire match divided by total the number of rounds played. In short, your ADR reflects roughly how much damage you deal to opposing players each round — the higher the number, the better.

Your ADR sits alongside several other useful CS:GO statistics: headshot percentage, kill-to-death ratio, utility damage, enemies flashed, and overall score. However, ADR works a little differently than those other stats. It’s based around an average, not a flat sum, and it’s not based around enemies killed. It’s entirely possible to have an ADR over 100 and not get a single kill in a match, for instance. But that’s what makes ADR so important: It shows how much you’re contributing to the team’s offensive efforts.

In other words, your average damage per round is perhaps your most vital statistic as a growing CS:GO player. The higher your individual ADR, the more you’ve contributed to your own team’s victory. There are other objectives, of course — victory isn’t all about eliminating the entire opposing team, necessarily — but players who do a lot of damage per round, especially 100+, tend to top leaderboards for most kills and assists. Even if you’re not a legendary player on your own, increasing your average damage per round is a great way to help your team win.

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