CS:GO Switch Hands Bind | Change Weapon Side

You may have never thought about it before, but Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers a way for players to switch weapon hands. Sure, the function exists to better accommodate left-handed players, but that’s not the only reason to switch hands in CS:GO. With a proper bind, you can swap your weapon from right to left at-will, potentially giving you a better view of the battlefield.

Use This CS:GO Bind to Switch Hands

Use This CS:GO Bind to Switch Hands

The switch hands bind in CS:GO is based around the cl_righthand console command. The best way to use it is to create a toggle bind that will swap your weapon between left and right hands:

  • bind p “toggle cl_righthand 0 1”

By entering this bind into the console, the P key (or any other key you like) will switch which side of the screen is used to display the weapon. It effectively swaps your weapon hand from right to left. The default cl_righthand value is 1, for the right-handed perspective, and cl_righthand 0 is the left-handed perspective.

While the option to change the perspective is certainly useful for left-handed players, there’s a different reason to use this specific switch hands bind. This bind creates a single toggle key that swaps between the two values. That means you can switch hands on the fly. Many players like to use the toggle to quickly swap perspectives in order to help see around left- or right-handed corners.

Of course, since this is all possible through the cl_righthand console command, you can create any number of other fun binds with it. It can even be bound to the movement keys, so that your weapon hand changes any time you move toward the left or right. That kind of thing could definitely get disorienting, though. For most, the simple toggle bind is the easiest way to switch hands in CS:GO.

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