Dataminer Uncovers New Pokemon Unite Additions Buzzwole & Glaceon

The Pokemon series remains one of the most popular in gaming and their MOBA Pokemon Unite may be revealing some news soon. Like other series releases, Pokemon Unite has nice roster — and it seems its list is about to grow larger. A known dataminer claims to have uncovered two new Pokemon that will be coming to the game. And by all accounts, these are two new characters to look forward to.

Leaks Reveal Two New Pokemon Unite Pokemon

According to leaker ElChicoEevee, a recognized dataminer in the Pokemon Unite community, the two new additions to the game will be the ice-type Eevee evolution Glaceon and the legendary bug/fighting-type Buzzwole.

Like many Pokemon games, Pokemon Unite revolves around battling. However, instead of the traditional one-on-one turn-based combat, this game takes a more active approach. Players put together teams of up to five Pokemon and engage in battle across an open field divided into lanes. The match allows for all Pokemon on the team to be active at once as they move across the field to engage their opponent with whatever move sets they have equipped. While eliminating enemy Pokemon is definitely helpful to victory, the main goal is to collect points by reaching hoops scattered at various spots along the field.

Released in the summer of 2021, Pokemon Unite became another well-received mobile game of the series alongside Pokemon Go. It plays differently than other games, but still, its competition has pulled in loads of players. The game continues to receive frequent updates, too. Aside from bug fixes, the most anticipated updates are those that add new creatures. Considering the accuracy of past leaks, we expect Buzzwole and Glaceon to appear quite soon.

While not as big as other MOBA titles, Pokemon Unite maintains a strong player base for its free-to-play competition. With both Glaceon and Buzzwole potentially being added to the game, players will certainly be changing things up.