Dave Bautista Tweets His Case To Play Marcus in Gears Of War Movie

Game movies don’t have the best critical standing. Still, that doesn’t mean people don’t want to see their favorite actors in them. Gears Of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has stated that he would like Dave Bautista to play the leading role in the upcoming Netflix film. Bautista has responded in kind with a short clip posted from his personal Twitter account. Whether the cast has already been finalized is unclear, but there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of time to make some changes based on the massive response to Bautista’s tweet.

Dave Bautista In Gears Of War

Cover-based shooting began to rise significantly after the release of Gears Of War in 2006. From that point on, Cliff Blezinki’s series continued to rise. The latest game is Gears 5 from 2019, but the latest development is an upcoming Netflix movie.

Bleszinski tweeted that he wanted Dave Bautista to play Marcus Fenix, the main character, and a Latino actor to play the supporting role of Dom. This tweet drew a lot of attention, including Bautista’s. Now, he’s responded in kind. As you can see in the Tweet embedded above, Bautista posted a short video clip of him donning a Gears Of War-style chest piece and putting on shades. At the time of writing, the tweet has over 110k Likes and over 16k Retweets.

Action series aren’t usually that complex, and Gears Of War has gained a reputation for its extreme action. The game takes place on an Earth-like planet Sera where humanity has been warring for decades. After the two sides reach an armistice, the Locusts emerge from under Sera’s surface and start waging war on humanity. Players take on the role of Marcus Fenix who leads a squad of soldiers from the COG faction against the Locust Horde. It’s a third-person shooter revolving around massive firefights, explosions, and brutal melee encounters. It appears that Netflix is taking all these ingredients to mix into another big-budget action film.

Gears Of War is loud, chaotic, and satisfying to many players who want to want aliens and blow stuff up. Cliff Bleszinski supports the Netflix film, and has named Dave Bautista as the leading man who seems almost too willing to take up the role. Now it’s just a matter for the casting director to decide.