Dead By Daylight Team Working On A New Game

There are still plenty of gamers nostalgic for classic slasher films. That’s how Dead By Daylight first came to light, but now its creators are trying something different. The makers behind the popular 1v3 online multiplayer are supposedly working on a brand new game called Meet Your Maker. Their flagship game rose to extreme popularity as the developers continued to provide fresh new updates. It looks like this success has allowed them to undertake new projects — and this is the latest.

From Dead By Daylight To Meet Your Maker

Dead By Daylight was originally released in 2016 by Behaviour Interactive. It received a positive response, but exploded in 2020 when people were stuck indoors. What followed this increased player count was the addition of new characters, items, and maps to keep the game active. However, the developers have now shifted focus to Meet Your Maker. While little is known about this alleged game in development, the DZSH Group has reported that it will have a post-apocalyptic setting focused on survival in a different context.

Considering the mechanics of Dead By Daylight, it may not be a huge shift for Behaviour Interactive. The game arranges matches with up to four players, with three playing human victims and one playing the vicious killer. Humans need to fix generators and evade pursuit, while the killer needs to catch and sacrifice them. According to the details of Meet Your Maker, this time all players will be human survivors in a world ravaged by something called the Ancient Dead. They will need to alternate between going on raids to get valuable materials and building up their base to improve chances of survival.

Dead By Daylight grew to be a hit, and with such a large community, Behaviour Interactive feels confident enough to take on another project. Though Meet Your Maker is still being revealed, it’s got the attention of many.