Dead Island 2 | Delgado’s Supply Case Key Location

Crashing through Dead Island 2 is always satisfying. Mowing through zombies like they’re tissue paper is just as fun as it was in the original! However, keeping up your gear is even more important than ever. If you want to tear through the hordes at maximum capacity, you will need to get high rarity weapons and gear. Getting supply cases — including Delgado’s Supply Case — will be a very crucial step in your Dead Island 2 experience. So, if you find yourself wanting to crack another case, we can help you out!

Dead Island 2 - Delgado's Supply Case Key Location
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Where is Delgado’s Supply Case Key in Dead Island 2?

Delgado’s Supply Case Key is located on the corpse of the Pvt. Delgado enemy in Dead Island 2. You will find the case within the Venice Beach map, inside of the tower on the beach. Once you find the case, you will have to complete the [REDACTED] side quest in order to spawn the zombie – named Private Delgado – with the key. Kill that zombie to loot the key and open up the case.

Venice Beach is one of the final maps of the game, in terms of looting. This high-level location can be accessed before the story takes you there. However, unique enemies like Pvt. Delgado will only appear when specific story requirements are met. If you do not see the Private, it is almost certainly because you have not met the main scenario requirements to spawn him. Try to continue the main story to get him to come around!


Private Delgado is linked to the [REDACTED] quest. While you do not need to do this quest to find him, you are guaranteed to spawn him if you complete this quest and your main scenario is far enough. So, for safety, let’s walk through how to complete [REDACTED] to make things smooth.

Head to the military tent on the beach. The military tent is right on the shoreline, in the bottom-most red square marked on your map. Kill the named zombie in there and grab his paperwork to start the quest.

Work your way up the beach to get near the tower. To enter it, pass through the metal gate and interact with the control panel on the left side of the building. Once you’re in, take a right towards the mesh-covered fence and look for a red button. Enter the door on your right… Though watch your head! There are explosives nearby. Find and enter container 66, breaking the crates to find the legendary rifle that you need.

Where is Delgado's Supply Case Key in Dead Island 2?
Image courtesy of Game Guides Channel on YouTube

Once you’ve completed the side quest, you will still have to find the undead man. From the tower, head onto the beach and take a right, following the fence until you can power a generator. Double back towards the tower and you will see that a gate has opened, a gate that contains the ‘alive’ body of Private Delgado. Kill him and loot the key from his corpse to unlock the box.

What’s In Delgado’s Supply Case in Dead Island 2?

Like many supply cases in Dead Island 2, the case holds a very high-quality weapon. This one holds a Superior Quality Mutilator Pistol. This pistol has a very high base stat total, making it a potent weapon for this point of the game.

In addition, since it begins with the Mutilator prefix already attached, you get the benefits of Mutilator! That means you get to weaken zombies with multiple hits, a strong status effect for sure. If your character build is focused on pistols, you’d be remiss to not collect this item!

What is the Max Level of Dead Island 2?

The Max Level of Dead Island 2 is 30. Quests and defeating unique zombies will give you a lot of experience, letting you reach the level cap by the end of the main story.

What are the Mailman Keys for in Dead Island 2?

The Mailman Keys, acquired from delivering packages across the island and then defeating the titular mailman, will let you open the package next to the FASTDEL truck. This will give you a legendary weapon.

What are Mutated Hearts for in Dead Island 2?

Mutated Hearts are used for crafting rare items. However, they can be sold for a lot of money in a pinch.