Where to Find the Lifeguard Hut Safe Key in Dead Island 2

The Lifeguard Hut Safe Key is yet another item in Dead Island 2 that Slayers can search for and pick up. With Hell-A acting as the apocalyptic playground, they can peek through almost every infected corner across the western area. From the sunshine scenes of Bel-Air to the eccentric alleyways of Monarch Studios, there’s something for everyone, alive or dead.

Where to Find the Lifeguard Hut Safe Key in Dead Island 2
Carla fighting against Brody the Lifeguard, with the Lifeguard Hut sitting in the background.
Of course, not every key is in plain sight. The particular key in question here requires some time and commitment from the Slayers if it were to be found. If you’ve been saving the good people of Hell-A for a bit now, chances are that the Lifeguard Hut Safe Key isn’t far from you. Collect your medkits, repair your weapons, and pick out your best skills. Let’s go grab the Safe Key for the Lifeguard Hut, hiding somewhere in Hell-A.

How to Get the Venice Lifeguard Safe Key

Upon discovering the Venice Lifeguard’s Safe in Venice Beach, it’s clear that we’ll need the Safe Hut Key for this Dead Island 2 adventure. Slayers can locate the Lifeguard Hut Safe Key by taking down Brody the Lifeguard. He’s a Runner type zombie, and you can find him hanging out just south of the blue Venice Lifeguard Hut. You can run into him by heading toward the breakwater, south of the Venice Beach map.

He’ll most likely be alone, with only a few fellow infected catching some sun nearby. Deal with him as you please, then scoop up the key in question upon his demise. From there, you can take the key back with you to the blue Lifeguard’s Hut.

Dead Island 2 Brody the Lifeguard
Carla prepares to execute Brody the Lifeguard.

Expert Tip: Runner zombies are a bit more agile in terms of combat. They can sometimes dodge your attacks, so be quick with your strikes if you wish to easily take them down. Runners also have hazardous variants to consider.

Once you’ve collected the key, make your way to the hut to unlock the safe. Be sure to turn off the generator while you’re there to avoid electrical damage. Doing so will result in the distribution of a Tenacious Tactical Sword to be a part of your arsenal. From there, this little journey comes to a conclusion, though Venice Beach offers more activities to embark on.

Dead Island 2 Lifeguard Safe
Unlocking the safe will reward the player with a new weapon.

Explore More of Venice Beach

Venice Beach acts as an essential chapter break for your Slayer in Hell-A the moment you enter the zone. New Apex enemies are introduced, the Blue Crab opens its doors for you, and your skills continue to evolve. Evidently, there are both main and side quests available in Venice Beach. However, there are a few notes to keep in mind if you’re planning to stick your toes in the sand for a while.

Expert Tip: There are three story quests in Venice Beach that you’ll progressively complete. Beach Offensive, The Final Gauntlet, and The Giant-Slayer. The third is a vital story event that’s necessary for the availability of several side quests, in and out of Venice Beach.

How to Get the Bodycount Rifle

Aside from looting a great number of containers, a Legendary Bodycount assault rifle can be retrieved north of the beach. It’s outside of the Venice Beach Lifeguard Tower within Container 66. It’ll be labeled as a “Priority Asset”, acting as the reward for the [REDACTED] side quest.

This Bodycount rifle is a rapid-fire assault rifle that comes with its own set of perks. Its Power Level will be adjusted according to your Slayer’s role-playing status.

In regards to the Lifeguard Tower here, you can pay a visit to W.O. Rodriguez for some military supplies. She’s a hot-headed, misanthropic trader that provides you with the Cremains of the Dead side quest. You can always stop by her at a later time if you need some Heavy Rounds or Shotgun Shells.

In addition to the ammunition from W.O. Rodriguez, Slayers can also get themselves the Flashbang Curveball. Its timed trigger can traumatize a number of zombies within a target area. Plus, it also adds another item to your explosive arsenal to use in creative fashions.