Where to Find Space Fox 2250 Prop Key in Dead Island 2

Slayers in Dead Island 2 are going to need some unique tools of destruction if they wish to survive Hell-A and its newly-established residents, the undead. The zombie outbreak has plagued every piece of land in the world of celebrities, influencers, and vacationers, leaving behind a myriad of spectacular items. What this ultimately means is that there is always a possibility of a player picking up one of Dead Island 2’s more powerful weapons.

One such item is the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key, which belongs to its titular container over at Monarch Studios. It withholds a noteworthy weapon, which we’ll reveal later in the guide. Of course, it all can play into a story of sorts, with It Came From Monarch Studios acting as the side quest for the item in question.

Gather your medical supplies, select your best Curveballs, and get ready for some bloody fighting. Let’s go search for that Space Fox 2250 Prop Key.

Where to Find Space Fox 2250 Prop Key in Dead Island 2
Monarch Studios features a few zany characters that you can interact with.

How to Open the Space Fox 2250 Prop Container

Players can locate the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key by paying a visit to Monarch Studios and making a stop outside of The Rise of the God-Spider set in Dead Island 2. It’s also known as Stage 07 of the Monarch area. Search for the Space Fox Prop Master enemy (pictured below) and take him down. He’ll have a few standard infected with him, but he shouldn’t be a challenging foe to defeat.

Expert Tip: Slayers will essentially run along the Save the Cat Walk for this side quest. Each alleyway in Monarch Studios will contain multiple Apex and special enemies. Space will be tight, so consider running through the festering crowds to avoid a struggle.

Once he’s dealt with, pick up the Prop Key that will immediately drop upon the named zombie’s demise. You can then make your way to the site of the respective container.

The Space Fox container is stationed between Sinclair Street and Red Herring Way, adjacent to the Save the Cat Walk. There, you can stumble upon a Slobber Hot Spot if you’re looking to complete specific challenges. It’s next door to the actual Space Fox 2250 stage at Building 04.

Dead Island 2 Electrocutor Pistol
Step into the sci-fi zone with the electrifying Electrocutor. It comes with 3 additional slots for Perks.

Finally, use the key to open the case for the Electrocutor Pistol, a futuristic handgun that comes equipped with the zappy Ranged Electrocutor Mod. The power level will be adjusted to your current Slayer level upon its acquisition. It’s also built with a randomized perk to add a little extra punch to the trigger’s pull. Your enemies are in for quite a shock with this one!

It Came From Monarch Studios
The red circle next to Romero Place is where you can find the Prop Master, outside Stage 07.

Completing It Came From Monarch Studios Side Quest

Acquiring the Electrocutor Pistol can naturally happen if Slayers are embarking on Sarah Shepperd’s first quest, titled It Came From Monarch Studios. This fantastical side quest takes place across multiple spots in Monarch Studios while introducing you to a few more interesting characters, including the profitable DD-09.

With this in mind, the Space Fox 2550 Prop Container might not be available if you’re neglecting the main quests for other activities. It can appear after you make your initial visit to Venice Beach, where Sarah can be reached via radio at the Blue Crab. The Giant-Slayer main mission will activate the side quest if you’re having trouble locating the target.

Expert Tip: The key in question for Dead Island 2 is one of the many keys that Slayers will come across. It’s always best to collect them as you play, even if you aren’t aware of their safebox, container, or hidden area. They’ll be used at a later time.

The other two side quests will concern more action to occur at Monarch Studios. With the sci-fi stages and infected foes on the scene, you can easily create some cinematic beauty of slaughtering zombies. The Terror Of Sound Stage 7 and The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X will be the other side quests to look forward to in the surviving movie business.