How to Throw Weapon 35 Meters in Dead Island 2

It’s important to freshen up on your zombie-killing game in Dead Island 2. Hell-A offers multiple ways for Slayers to wield, customize, and throw weapons. Raggedy pipes, collectible swords, makeshift weapons of destruction, and brutal firearms are all up for grabs, each offering different statistics to consider. In truth, every Slayer is unique in terms of what they bring to the vibrant warzone of Hell-A. However, while everyone can swing and stab, not every hero is capable of throwing a weapon at an enemy from 35 meters or more from a distance.

It takes precision, patience, and power, to accumulate a hilarious “donk” for some apocalyptic shenanigans. We’ve got a few pointers to keep in mind for this action if you’re looking to knock a zombie on the head. With this in mind, equip some weapons, fill up your health supplies, then head out to accomplish some tossing exercises. This is how you can throw weapons in Hell-A.

35 Meters or Higher: Hitting a Zombie on the Head

As we’re introduced to the Slayers of Dead Island 2, we’re also being provided with gameplay hints and action cues to become adjusted to in Hell-A. Aiming with a weapon is as simple as holding down the LT, L2, and right-mouse-button and searching for a target. You can then toss it by simply attacking, watching as your item flings away from you.

Expert Tip: Environmental hazards play a role in the destruction of Dead Island 2. Consider throwing your weapon at gas leaks, explosions, and certain puddles to trigger some intense damage for your infected enemies.

Since Slayers have access to different types of weapons, it’s important to consider which ones will be capable of traveling quite a distance. Knives, swords, bats, and axes are swift to the touch, projecting meters in execution, especially the higher when you throw. Heavier tools like sledgehammers won’t go as far due to their weight. A good note to keep in mind: if a weapon’s swing is low, you’ll have to say no.

Once you’ve selected your preferred weapon, separate yourself from a particular target or small group of idle infected. Shamblers and apex zombies are relatively easier to smack with a throwable; Runners, Walkers, and their environmental variants move more frequently, giving you more of a target practice to work with instead of a direct goal.

Dead Island 2 Throw Weapon 35 Meters Away

As you aim, a “T” interface will appear, distinguished by four white dots lining up to the top two lines for trajectory. This is for your frame of reference, though it’s not entirely reliable. This crosshair turns red if you are in the range of a promising throw. It doesn’t signify the 35-meter objective. Therefore, you’ll have to create a reasonable distance between you and the target. You can begin experimenting with this when the red crosshair turns back to white. From there, you can attempt to hit a zombie from 35 meters or more away from your position, which might require multiple weapons.

Going down a slope in the road and anywhere in Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Halperin Hotel, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach are ideal places for extensive pitching activities. We were successful with both a baseball bat and an ax, albeit after multiple attempts to hit that 35-meter mark.

Expert Tip: As you continuously level up your Slayer, their arsenal will adjust to the growing gameplay. Use these less-than-superior weapons to hit a zombie from a far distance; salvaging them is also an option.

Hitting a zombie with a thrown weapon from 35 meters or more away will grant you the “Donk!” achievement/trophy. It essentially requires you to “throw a melee weapon and hit a zombie 35+ meters away”.

How to Achieve Impressive Aim

One of the many challenges in Dead Island 2 is known as Impressive Aim, which simply coincides with the “Donk!” achievement/trophy. However, positioning targets into a specific spot is easier said than done.

Dead Island 2 Venice Beach Impressive Aim Challenge

For this, you’ll want to use your Meat Bait curveball. Tossing away the bile of this enclosed throwable will generate a hotspot for zombies to head toward. They’ll merely focus on the spoiled meat, which is where you come in for the fun. As the zombies eat away at the expired food, make a distance, then start hurling your weapons at them. If the hit count is too low, the game probably won’t register the action. Just be ready to chase after your thrown weapons once you get a chance, otherwise you’ll be leaving some precious tools behind.