Dead Space Remake Armor Upgrades | Where to Find

Dead Space and its 2023 remake require quite a bit of searching to complete 100%. You have to explore all parts of the USG Ishimura if you want to make Isaac as strong as possible. That includes the Dead Space armor upgrades. There are six levels of suit to unlock during your time with Dead Space 2023, each of them providing additional inventory slots and health. If you want an idea of where each suit level is located, this guide will run through each of them.

Where to Find All Armor Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

Where to Find All Armor Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

The armor upgrades in Dead Space are scattered across the first ten chapters of the game. There are five levels that are located in your first run-through, and a sixth that is unlockable in New Game+ mode. Each suit level provides an increase to your inventory slot number and a boost to damage reduction.

The location of each suit level is shown below:

  1. This is your starting suit level.
  2. This level is unlockable by purchasing it in the first shop and is available in every shop from here on. It costs 10,000 Credits, but is well worth it! Four more inventory slots will feel incredible!
  3. In Chapter 4, you will find the schematic in the EVA Prep Room, in between several sets of uniforms. The schematic is called an “Intermediate Engineer Rig.” You will have to purchase it in the shop. It gives 22 inventory slots and 10% armor.
  4. In Chapter 7, you will find the Intermediate Miner Rig schematic in the Equipment Workshop. It is located next to the large SOS Beacon. It grants 26 inventory slots and 15% armor.
  5. This schematic is located in Chapter 10, so don’t worry about it until late game. You will need to go to the Standard Bathrooms room, located in the Crew Quarters. This is near the basketball mini-game that you play for a battery. This unlocks it in the store. This one puts you at
  6. This level of RIG is automatically unlocked in New Game+ runs.

There are additional suit skins located in the Digital Deluxe edition. These are available in the shop if you have the correct game edition.