Dead Space Remake Comms Array | How to Solve

The Dead Space Remake keeps a lot of the charm of the original Dead Space. This means that, for an action horror game, this title has a surprising number of puzzles! You will need to clear out all of the issues with the UGS Ishimura if you want to get out alive. That means solving the Comms Array Puzzle in Dead Space (2023). Let’s go over each step so that you don’t find yourself trapped in Chapter 8.

How to Solve the Comms Array Puzzle in Dead Space Remake

How to Solve the Comms Array Puzzle in Dead Space Remake

The Comms Array puzzle in the Dead Space Remake is a multi-step process. You must power the central node by following all of the red cables from the generator and turning them to blue. Head to each of the circuits and remove the red, broken nodes and replace them with blue, live ones. Once all of the cables connecting the central node are blue, you’ll be free to continue Chapter 8!

To start, use Kinesis to remove all of the red nodes from the area. These sparking things don’t work at all, so they’ll just be distracting. Fire them off to the side.

From here, we can work with the blue, live circuits. Slot each of these blue pathways into the path coming from the generator. The order, coming from the right-hand side of the device, is as follows:

  1. Left to Up
  2. Down to Right
  3. Left to Up
  4. Left to Down
  5. Right to Up

If you’ve done it right, you’ll see that the entire path is glowing blue. The Communication Control screen will also have power coming from the southernmost point to the central node. You can follow the path on this screen if you’re having trouble finding the power for yourself.

If you’ve done it right, the lights will switch on, indicating that the power has returned. You’re free to leave the chamber now, or explore nearby. Chapter 8 is waiting for you!