Dead Space Remake Flamethrower Upgrades | How to Get

Safe to say, it’s not easy dealing with the Necromorph abominations in the Dead Space Remake. That’s probably why it feels so good to kill them. Nonetheless, one of the best weapons for dealing with these monstrosities is the Flamethrower. You get the Flamethrower in Chapter 3: Course Correction, and if you fancy its firepower, it might be worth it to obtain all the upgrades for it. So, read on to find out how to get all the Flamethrower Upgrades in the Dead Space Remake.

How to Get All Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space

How to Get All Flamethrower Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

The Flamethrower has three major upgrade components, requiring 25 Node upgrades to max out its Damage, Fuel Capacity, Reload Speed, and Flame Duration. However, you can only max out these stats by obtaining all three major components, as each one you get will allow you to further max out the Flamethrowers Node upgrades. So, how do you get these three crucial components?

The first component is Gellified Hydrazine, which you can simply purchase from the in-game store for 11,500 Credits after you complete Chapter 3. The second crucial upgrade is the Macroliter Fuel Tank. You can find this in the utility room on the first floor of the mining area. However, you need a level-three security clearance to access the room, which you’ll get in Chapter 7. In other words, don’t bother going for this upgrade until you’ve progressed past this chapter and gotten the level three security clearance.

Now, the last of the Flamethrower upgrades, the High-Pressure Nozzle. You need to progress to Chapter 10 and unlock Master Override clearance to get your hands on this nifty upgrade. Once you do, go to the first floor of the Crew Quarters. Head past the bathroom doors to find a door that’s locked. To unlock it, simply place a battery in the fuse box. Once you’ve unlocked it you’ll gain access to the Deluxe Shifts Bunk area. This is where you’ll find a lock box that requires Master Override clearance to open. Just interact with it and you’ll get the last of the upgrades for the Flamethrower, the High-Pressure Nozzle.

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