Dead Space Remake Force Energy Schematic | Where to Find

As you progress through the Dead Space Remake’s story, it’s vital you collect Schematics, which are essentially blueprints that unlock upgrades for your weapons and suit for purchase from the store. However, these schematics are frequently hidden and can be hard to spot as you’re venturing through the USG Ishimura’s dark corridors. One that’s been causing many players problems is the Force Energy Schematic for the Force Gun. If that’s the same case for you, keep reading as we reveal its location below.

Where to Find the Force Energy Schematic in Dead Space

Where to Find the Force Energy Schematic in Dead Space Remake

You can find the Force Energy Schematic in Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard, the same chapter you find the Force Gun. More specifically, you can find it on the Hydroponic deck, or simply, the third floor of the Air Filtration Tower. Once you’re in the Air Filtration Tower, you’ll come across a tendril-infested room that’s also covered with electrical traps. After the first electrical trap, be weary of your right as there will be an opening that leads to where the Force Energy Schematic rests.

Another trick to help you find this Schematic is the first Stasis-recharge station in this room. Directly to the right of it is the opening that leads to the Force Energy Schematic, which will be blocked by two electrical traps on both sides. Again, use your Stasis to slow them, then run in and pick up the upgrade.

Now that you have the Force Energy Schematic you can buy and use Force Energy ammo in the Force Gun. Unfortunately, Force Energy ammo is the most expensive in the game, as it will run you $2,400 credits for just three charges. However, that’s due to how strong the Force Gun is, with it easily able to tear through a group of Necromorphs. As a result, it’s often your best friend when you’re in a jam.

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