Dead Space Remake Hires Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Game Director

New details emerged today about EA’s upcoming Dead Space Remake. The game was announced recently at the EA Play July 2021 event, and last week, we learned that it’ll use levels cut from the original game. The new development is that the game now has a director attached. Eric Baptizat, best known for directing 2020’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, will helm the Dead Space game coming soon.

Keen internet sleuths discovered the news through a recent update on Baptizat’s LinkedIn profile, which labels him as Dead Space’s director. The position is particularly interesting as before now, Baptizat had only worked on Ubisoft games. As mentioned, he directed Valhalla, while holding other supporting roles on other Assassin’s Creed games like Unity and Black Flag. It’s quite the acquisition for EA, too. Taking one of Ubisoft’s key creatives for the long-anticipated remake of the beloved horror series.

What does the Dead Space news mean?

Dead Space

Of course, it’s worth digging into what this news could mean for the Dead Space remake. Fans of the franchise loved Valhalla for the RPG-infused ideas it brought to the series. That included a grander, more detailed open world, as well as a range of new customization opportunities. Therefore, Dead Space will likely adopt some of these concepts. You can probably assume that it’ll be an expanded and more sandbox-style version of the Ishimura. Equally, EA will likely throw in more additional missions and objectives to extend the game’s length.

More than anything though, this news proves that EA aren’t treating the upcoming Dead Space remake as a simple graphical upgrade. They wouldn’t go after such a seasoned industry professional if their ambitions for the game weren’t sky-high. It could still be a long while before we find out the specifics behind Baptizat’s role, as the game is still quite a way off release. That said, it’s sure to raise expectations for the Dead Spaceremake – and they were sky-high to begin with.