Dead Space Remake | Is There Multiplayer?

Dead Space Remake is another in a pattern of big-name developers remaking beloved game titles. Thankfully, unlike most of these remakes, Dead Space is being handled quite well! With great graphics, modern quality of life improvements, and even more to do, Dead Space Remake has become the new definitive way to enjoy the game. But, did they add multiplayer to Dead Space 2023? Is there a co-op or player vs. player mode? We can help you find out!

Does Dead Space Remake Have Multiplayer?

Does Dead Space Remake Have Multiplayer?

No, the Dead Space Remake does not currently have a multiplayer mode of any kind, on PC or consoles. The developers have stayed true to the previous design of the game and have kept it as a single-player experience. This most likely means that there will not be any form of multiplayer added in the future. However, later games in the franchise might introduce multiplayer elements of some kind into the series.

Dead Space as a franchise is not well-known for its multiplayer modes. The only game in the main series with these elements was Dead Space 3. That game offered a co-op campaign, but nothing more.

Considering how closely Dead Space Remake follows the formula of the original game, a multiplayer mode would likely be received poorly. As a result, it is very unlikely that a co-op or battle mode will be revealed at any point in the future. Doing so is likely to deviate from the main idea of the base game too far for a remake.

However, this is universally considered to be a good thing. The co-op campaign of Dead Space 3 was largely hated on by fans. The extra person reduced the tension of the campaign, a death sentence in a horror franchise known for jumpscares. While it wasn’t the only issue with the game, the likelihood that EA revisits the concept of multiplayer is somewhat slim. Even if they end up remaking Dead Space 3, they will likely consider removing the system altogether.