Dead Space Remake Line Gun Location | Where to Find

The Dead Space remake is a title that many gamers have been waiting for. And, now that it’s finally on our screens, a surge of players are diving in to relive the original game’s iconic story-driven horror glory in the remake. For many, the weapons were a standout feature of the original game. Thankfully, many notable ones have made a fashionable return this time around. One fan favorite many will remember is the Line Gun. However, the remake has shifted its position around relative to the original game. So, if you’re wondering how to get your hands on this weapon now, read on to find out where.

Where to Find Line Gun in Dead Space Remake

Where to Find Line Gun in Dead Space Remake

You can find the Line Gun in the Dead Space Remake in both Chapters 4 and 5.  To find the Line Gun in Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent, you need to get security clearance level two in the Captain’s Nest from Hammond. Once you’ve done this, make your way to the Medical Ward on level two. From here, go into Ishimura Clinic and into ER hallway A. On the right side of this hallway, you’ll find a door locked with Security Clearance Level two. Good thing you have access to that from Hammond, right? Simply walk in and the Line Gun will be sitting on the floor in the room.

If you skipped grabbing the Line Gun in Chapter 4, here’s how to grab it in Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion. Play through the chapter until Dr. Mercer releases a Hunter on you. This is very frightening due to the Necromorph’s invisibility, but you’ll have to deal with it and follow the story progression shortly after which leads you directly to the Line Gun in Ishimura Clinic. Once stuck inside, make your way into ER Hallway A. Then down the hallway to the door on the right side that requires level two security clearance.

The Line Gun can only be found in this room and you first can get access to it after Chapter 4. Though you can also grab it in Chapter 5, if you progress past this chapter you’ll have to backtrack to get the weapon. It’s good to note that you can’t go back to get the Line Gun once you reach Chapter 11. So, if you’re approaching that point in the game and don’t have this notorious weapon yet, we highly recommend going back for it.

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