Dead Space Remake Pulse Rifle Upgrades | How to Get

Dead Space has never been afraid to stretch its wings when it came to fun, impactful weapons. And the remake is no different! You will be tasked with choosing a select few weapons in this game to fully upgrade if you want to maximize your arsenal. There are only so many nodes to spend on these, after all! So, where are the upgrades for the Pulse Rifle in the Dead Space remake? Let’s make this automatic weapon shine!

How to Get All Pulse Rifle Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

How to Get All Pulse Rifle Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

The Pulse Rifle upgrades in the Dead Space remake are found in Chapter 3, 4, and 10. There are also small bonuses located in the node upgrade tree. The Pulse Rifle is an automatic weapon that replaces high cutting power with rapid-fire, consistent damage. Its major weapon upgrades include rate of fire, magazine capacity, and secondary fire efficiency upgrades.

All weapons benefit quite a lot from its schematic upgrades. But, the Pulse Rifle transforms from a mediocre small-monster killer to a viable all-rounder. Even the first upgrade, which is immediately available in Chapter 3’s store, boosts this thing’s damage significantly.

In Chapter 4, you will have to go to the Mining Administration section of the first floor. In Electrical Systems Storage, you’ll find the custom magazine on the shelf. This is a must-get for anyone looking to turn the Pulse Rifle into their weapon of choice, because of just how much ammo you

The High Yield Grenade is inside of the first locker you walk into in the Atrium, during Chapter 10. To enter this room, you will have to get the Master Override Keycard by completing the “You Are Not Authorized” quest.

The Pulse Rifle is a bit notorious right now, due to an infinite money exploit where you unload ammo with your pulse mine, sell it, and use the money to purchase ammo capacity increases. The maximum ammo increases makes this process more efficient. Make use of this before it gets patched out! The weapon itself is far from bad, if you want to try it out for more than just money printing.