Dead Space Remake Report on Bridge | Where to Find

The Dead Space remake from 2023 has quite a few differences from the original product. This horror game does more than just add details to a famous franchise, instead including new optional side missions! These do wonders to add replayability and content to an otherwise relatively short game. And it is in one of these side missions that players can find the Report on the Bridge in Dead Space (2023). If you want a full run-through on how you can find this little side product, we can help you out!

Where to Find the Report on the Bridge in Dead Space Remake

Where to Find the Report on the Bridge in Dead Space Remake

The Report on the Bridge does not spawn in until you begin the side mission called ‘Premeditated Malpractice.’ You will be able to start this in Chapter 5, where you can find a tissue sample of a necromorph at the end of the mission. Then, you’ll have to wait until you get access to Ore Storage, where you can interact with another terminal. Once you’ve interacted with the terminal, head to the Main Atrium of the Bridge Deck, where you will find another terminal that glows yellow. Finally, you will be asked to go back to Hydroponics, where you will listen to one last audio log and get the Prototype Stasis Upgrade.

‘Premeditated Malpractice’ isn’t too hard to begin, since the tissue sample is simply found on the boss. Check the nitrogen chamber after you beat him and you’ll find the quest’s start! Track the objective to easily find the medical terminal. Otherwise, it can be hard to miss the lab that includes the terminal in ICU.

Ore Storage isn’t until Chapter Seven, so stay patient! This terminal is located after a dangerous area and is a small room, so make sure you explore these hallways.

After that, you simply have to head back to the Main Atrium on the Bridge Deck. The tracker doesn’t help you here, but the terminal that you have to interact with glows yellow. It’s near a staircase that is next to the elevator, so it won’t be too hard to find once you’re looking for it.

From here, the locater will take you to Hydroponics correctly. Move quickly, since this area is filled with Poison Gas! Take your audio log and Prototype Stasis Module, as well as your achievement trophy.