Dead Space Remake Scares Its Own Technical Director

Working on a video game can be one of the most demanding things that a person will ever undertake. And sometimes the material itself can be just a bit too much. An example of this is the fact that the Dead Space remake has proven to be far too scary for one of its key developers. David Robillard, technical director for the project, has admitted that the remake’s audio causes him genuine fear. Although the source material is over 10 years now, it’s clear that it hasn’t lost its terrifying touch.

Dead Space Remake Is Scaring Its Own Developers

In 2008, Dead Space made headlines among gamers and non-gamers for its horrific elements and very graphic gameplay. After three entries, it disappeared, and we haven’t seen a new entry in the series since 2013. Thankfully, the Dead Space remake is expected later this year. And even better, technical director David Robillard seems to be vouching for the game’s fear factor. In fact, he’s claiming that it’s “too f******* scary” for him to play under certain conditions.

According to a report from GamesRadar, Robillard said that he is unable to play the game with headphones at night. There’s a great reason why: The game’s ambience is just too disturbing, and he doesn’t just mean the visuals. Ironically, the default recommendation for horror games is to play them with headphones to achieve the intended effect.

The Dead Space remake aims to revive the feel of the first series entry while stepping up the horror. It already has a significant amount of scary material to work, and now it’s working with much more engrossing technology. The story follows Isaac Clarke, a space engineer sent to investigate mechanical issues in an isolated mining facility. Upon arriving, he discovers that the facility has been consumed by an organic substance that has transformed the humans aboard into necromorphs, twisted and grotesque creatures. Armed with a variety of tools, Clarke has no choice but to delve deeper into the facility and tear each necromorph to shreds.

Although Robillard wasn’t part of the original Dead Space team, it’s clear that he’s spending a lot of time on this new project. So much so that he can confidently state that the Dead Space remake is still too much to play as horror games should be played. This is great news for horror fans.