Dead Space Remake Sea Shanty | How to Find

Developer Motive Studio did a great job of meeting fans’ expectations with its Dead Space Remake. The sci-fi horror is as haunting and spine-chilling as the original, if not more so; it’s exactly what players hoped for. However, that doesn’t mean the developers didn’t include a few laughs in between the game’s dark corridors, as well as a couple of Easter eggs. The Sea Shanty Easter egg is one that players are only now discovering. If you’ve heard about it and are curious to crack it yourself, read on to find out how to do so.

How to Find the Sea Shanty Easter Egg in Dead Space Remake

How to Find the Sea Shanty Easter Egg in Dead Space Remake

You can find the Sea Shanty Easter egg in the Dead Space Remake during Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent. During this level, players will gain access to the Bridge area on the Ishimura. In this area, make your way to the Main Atrium and locate the Atrium Systems and Comms Array Elevator. Once you’re in this elevator, head down to the first floor. Exiting the elevator, follow the hall until you come across the break room; the first door on your right.

You’ll know you’re in the right room as there will be a red circle on the floor of the room surrounded by candles. This is your key to unlocking the Sea Shanty Easter egg. To unlock the Easter egg, you must stand in the middle of this circle and perform these actions, in this order: Melee – stomp – melee – melee – stomp – melee -stomp – melee – melee – melee – melee – stomp. Isaac will slowly creep out of the circle as you perform these actions, so be sure to center him after you perform each one.

If you’ve performed the right sequence, the screen in front of you will turn red and an audio log will pop up. This audio log is no other than a sea shanty Easter egg. Now, just sit back, relax, and enjoy this Dead Space Remake rendition of a Sea Shanty, composed for the Ishimura.

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