Dead Space Remake Secret Ending | How to Unlock

The Dead Space Remake is a nostalgia trip for fans of the franchise. It does a great job keeping the incredible gameplay of the original, while bringing it to modern consoles. However, it is so much more than just a touch-up of the original game. The Dead Space Remake has a secret ending, that’ll take a bit of digging to get to. And by that, we mean that you’ll need to explore the USG Ishimura more than once! Let’s learn how Isaac is truly meant to escape from this doomed ship. 

How to Unlock the Dead Space Remake Secret Ending

How to Unlock the Dead Space Remake Secret Ending

In order to unlock the secret ending of Dead Space 2023, you have to complete the game normally, then begin New Game Plus. In New Game Plus, you’ll then need to all collect 12 Marker Fragments by the time you reach the end of Chapter 12. Once you have all fragments, you must bring them to floor three in Chapter 12, where you will find a ritual room. When all 12 fragments are placed, you can complete the game normally to see the secret ending cutscene.

The Marker Fragments for the secret ending are only available after you complete the game once on any difficulty. This will unlock New Game Plus, which is a slightly unbalanced and for-fun game mode where you keep weapons and upgrades.

Still, to earn the special cutscene, you’ll need to so some work. Tracking down all the marker fragments is fairly straightforward, but will be time consuming if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, we can help with that.

All Dead Space Remake Marker Fragments Locations

Dead Space Remake Nicole Secret Ending

Here’s where to find all 12 marker fragments in the Dead Space remake:

  • Chapter 1: Hanger-Cargo-Tram Control on Floor 1. In the Maintenance Bay, break your way through a bookshelf in the top-left corner of the room. The first Marker Fragment is behind a few boxes.
  • Chapter 2: Medical on Floor 1. In De. T. Kyne’s CSO Office, use Kinesis to move a bookshelf. This will reveal a conspiracy room where the Fragment is located.
  • Chapter 3: Engineering on Floor 3. In the Engine Room, head to the northeast corner of the map. Look for the purple shine completely covered by darkness on the floor-level.
  • Chapter 4: Bridge on Floor 1. In the Break Room, which is a southern room of the map, you’ll see the marker right next to a ritual circle.
  • Chapter 5: Medical on Floor 4. Head to Dr. C. Mercer’s office, which is numbered 250. It is at the eastern side of a very long, horizontal hallway, past a door and to the left. It is on a table in this room.
  • Chapter 5: Medical on Floor 4. In the Cryogenics boss fight, this marker is on top of the freezing chamber. It is easiest to see on top of the ramp to the southwest.
  • Chapter 6: Hydroponics on Floor 4: Head to the southern anti-gravity area, to the left of the square-shaped intersection. You can fly to the northwest. Look for the purple light in that direction. Feel free to use Kinesis instead!
  • Chapter 7: Mining on Floor 4. In the Mineral Samples room, the Fragment is simply in a sideroom to the west of a shop. This small square room is near the hallway that leads back to the tram.
  • Chapter 8: Communications Hub on Floor 2. This one is rough. Float in the Anti-Gravity area and float towards the large, fleshy hole to the northeast section of the cube.
  • Chapter 9: Crew Quarters on Floor 3. Head to the west of the eastern shop. The room called “Deluxe Shift Bunks” is below a large, square room with two southern exits. It sits on a desk, so just look for the cardboard wall.
  • Chapter 10: Crew Quarters on Floor 3. Head to the Inquiry Desks, a later-game room that will require you to come from the south of the sector and move upwards. It is a large, rectangular room that is part of the Chief Steward’s Office story objective.
  • Chapter 11: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control on Floor 1. In the Cargo Bay, head to the southeast part of the map. You will see the Marker Fragment sitting on the bottom of a steel shelf.

Where Do You Place the Marker Fragments?

The Marker Fragments are placed in a ritual room on Crew Quarters, Floor 3. In the room called Captain’s Quarters, you will be able to restore the ritual circle by instantly placing all 12 markers. The Quarters belong to Lt. Commander V. Holt, and is the northeastern room of the square room, connecting 5 square rooms together.