Dead Space Remake Security Clearance | How to Upgrade

Dead Space (2023) is one of the best remakes of a horror title that we’ve seen. This game is silky-smooth, following the old game design of the original game while adding a ton of quality of life options. But, these modern upgrades don’t mean that the game doesn’t have some clunky mechanics. For example, there are some doors that won’t open for you, no matter what you do. They have numbers on them, and require you to upgrade security clearance levels if you want to crack them. If you’re wondering when this happens, we’ll run you through all of the points!

How to Upgrade Security Clearance Levels in Dead Space Remake

How to Upgrade Security Clearance Levels in Dead Space Remake

In the Dead Space remake, your Security Clearance Levels upgrade in Chapter 2, Chapter 4, and Chapter 7. These are all story-based unlocks, granted to you by the Captain’s Rig, Hammond, and Mining Supervisor Dallas’s Rig. These are story-required, so you will not be able to miss these upgrades in Dead Space (2023). However, this means that there will be some required backtracking if you want all of the loot that previous areas hide behind these numbered doors.

Security doors are entirely optional. You will never have to backtrack to these numbered locations if you don’t need the resources. But, missing out on these rooms means you will have less money, nodes, and ammo for the endgame. We recommend coming back to these rooms if you are having trouble with fights, since the loot is quite significant.

There is one more Clearance Level that is not labeled as such; the Master Override. This is a different type of clearance, and requires players to complete the ‘You Are Not Authorized’ mission by finding seven crew members. Rather than allowing you to open specific numbered doors, this Override will let you crack doors with star symbols on them. In addition, it’ll let you open yellow crates. This side mission is optional, and you are able to miss the crew members, so it is not quite the same as Security Levels.

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