Dead Space Remake Shooting Range | How to Beat

As terrifying and serious as the Dead Space Remake may be, it didn’t forget to take the edge off from time to time by adding in some mini-games where you don’t have to worry about a Necromorph jump scaring you. One of these instances is in Chapter 8: Search and Rescue where you’ll come across the Shooting Range while exploring the Valor. You’ll want to complete the Shooting Range for its valuable rewards, however, that’s easier said than done. So, keep reading to find out the easiest way to complete this side quest.

How to Beat the Shooting Range Minigame in Dead Space

How to Beat the Shooting Range Minigame in Dead Space Remake

Before we start, it’s good to note that while the Shooting Range is unmissable, you do have the option to walk by it. If you decide on this, you can’t go back and attempt it later. So, take on the mini-game as soon as you come across it.

You can activate the Shooting Range by interacting with the kiosk in front of it. As soon as you do, you’ll need to make your way down the range and hit a few targets. Don’t worry about your quickness or accuracy here. In fact, it might be best to use your Plasma Pistol. That way you’ll conserve the ammo on your other weapons.

We say that because the Shooting Range, to reference Admiral Ackbar — it’s a trap! As soon as you shoot a couple of practice targets, the whole room will lock, turn red, and Necromorphs will drop from the roof. This can be extremely difficult considering how narrow the Shooting Range is. That’s why we highly recommend using the Line Gun or Plasma Cutter. These weapons will quickly tear through some enemies and grant you some space to tackle the others.

If things are still looking shady after that, then the Force Gun can be a savior as it will deal with multiple Necromorphs at once. We know the ammo is rather expensive, but dead-end situations like this are exactly what it’s meant for. Nonetheless, you’ll make the shooting range the easiest on yourself by using the Line Gun or Plasma Cutter to get rid of some Necromorphs early on and grant yourself some space to finish the rest.

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