Dead Space Wishbone Achievement | How to Get

Cleaving your way through the USG Ishimura in Dead Space is just as fun now as it was 15 years ago. The new content added to the remake does a lot to add playtime without wasting much of our time. The achievements especially are fun little quests that can take up your day, like unlocking the secret ending. Or, they can be ones like Wishbone, a fun new achievement in Dead Space. It can be a bit annoying to pull off if you’re looking for it, though. If you want to give it a go, we can lend a hand!

How to Get the Wishbone Achievement in Dead Space

How to Get the Wishbone Achievement in Dead Space

The Wishbone achievement in Dead Space is given to you when you tear off a dangling limb using Kinesis. This is best done with “bullet” weapons, like the Pulse Rifle. Other weapons, like the Plasma Cutter, will rip off the arm wholesale, so any small projectile weapon will do. You should use Stasis to ensure that you don’t shoot the limb too much and make sure your Kinesis grabs the right part of the limb.

Obviously, you will need Kinesis before you can do this achievement at all. Kinesis is acquired as part of the story, so make progress on your primary objective. You’ll be able to grab nearby objects – and your enemies – early on in the game!

Wishbone is quite difficult to get by accident, since you usually want to decimate limbs as often as possible. The Pulse Rifle is almost required if you want to get this consistently in any way. Other weapons are just too good at killing monsters. But the Pulse Rifle, if only fired a few times, can do barely enough damage to cause the “dangling limb.”

Once you have a limb barely holding together, apply another slowdown. Kinesis is a bit finicky, even with the remake’s significant improvements. If you slow the monster down in a doorway or in a freeze room, like Medical, it’ll be simple to pull off the limb.

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